Banchetto Night at The Forum

5:26 AM

I was so excited to end my shift that day 'coz I'll be seeing my good friend, Kyonds for another foodtrippin' night at Banchetto -The Forum. If you're wondering, Banchetto means 'feast' in Italian and wow, what a feast it is when you're there. I have to say sorry to my diet that night 'coz I can't help but ogle, coz I'm completely surrounded by foods! Hahahaha - LOL. Same feeling when I'm at the junkies section at the grocery. LOL.

This is the closest venue where I am at, it's located beside The Forum, Robinsons Pioneer. The feast is open every Wednesday and Thursday only, from 9pm to 6am the next day. The other Banchetto site can be found in Ortigas and they say what's missing at The Forum can be found here at Ortigas lol. Of course I have Teej with me, I will never leave the house without him at times like this. :3

The place is packed with people (mostly from the GY shift) coming from the nearby offices, so it's kinda hard to settle for a place to eat. I had Kyonds look around for a table first while I scout the area for great food wahahaha!

Monster Burger - Price: 150.00 
I just had to try this out, when I saw these babies being grilled in their own juices I knew I shouldn't leave without trying them out. It's not the same as the other 'monstrous' burger that I ate at Salcedo's Weekend Market. This one's bigger and heavier, a tip: request for additional cheese or mayo, coz the burger tastes too bland just with the ketsup alone. :P

My other order: Shawarma Rice, Price: 70.00 This one tasted better than the others coz it's not too salty or spicy either. The mix of the onion and cheese sauce are just right and the meat was given in generous amounts. :D I had a fill after this but after walking around again made me forget that I ate already lol.
 Pasta heaven!
 Kyonde's order, Fresh Green Salad
 Monster Burger unwrapped. See how thick that beef is haha. Price 150.00 for the quarter pound burger. Extra Cheese and mayo not included. :P

I'll definitely comeback next week! We didn't hangout too much coz with a lot of people coming in, the seats aren't enough to accommodate them all. I'll try eating out at Banchetto Emerald Ave. next time hehe.

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