First Look: Q-Posket Princess Serenity

7:10 AM

Hello! How's everyone doing? It's still summer season here in our country and I officially hate summer now because I really can't stand the heat, I even pitched a tent on our rooftop so I can sleep peacefully outdoors at night because that's the coldest part of the day! Then after camping for 3 days, I felt weird afterwards lol.
So today's post is about the lovely Q-Posket figure that I got last week, it's the Moon Princess, Princess Serenity! I've always been a Sailor Moon fan, and I practically grew up with it--following all 200 episodes in a span of 5 seasons (my favorite is Sailor Moon R) and when I got older, I'm still watching the reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal. 

Also when I got more disposable money to buy toys and figures, I told myself I should buy at least one Sailor Moon figure. A pretty Princess Serenity figure at least. However, I'm kinda picky so I easily passed the chance of getting a figure just because, so I'm super happy when I saw this Q-Posket figure of Princess Serenity!
For this shoot I did a little extra by giving her a sparkly look similar to the anime~
Here's the box for reference. 
I love her character so much, I swear I'm really happy that she's my very first Sailor Moon figure! I've added another Princess Serenity figure on my wishlist already.
Oh, here's a really nice close up! She's super cute with big doe eyes, blushing cheeks and slightly tinted lips.
Her details are on point from the perfect crescent mark on her forehead to her crescent earrings and pearl hair accessories.
I also love her dress too! From the gold details, puffed sleeves and bow train. It also has a beautiful pearly-white finish so the color slightly changes in the light. The circular details and pearls on her dress is painted in a lovely gold tone.
The train of her dress is accentuated with a light pink bow with a long tail, which fans can easily recognize from the series.
This came as a surprise for me because the princess is barefoot! XD I barely remember her trotting around the moon kingdom without her white shoes on so LOL.
I really love this figure, or the Q-Posket line at least. It's pretty cheap for 700 pesos and the details are on point too! This is actually my 2nd Q-Posket figure (first was Shirahoshi) and I plan to collect more of this soon. Maybe next month at ToyCon, I'm gonna hunt for a few of these...:D

See you on my next post!

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  1. hmm never heard of Q-Posket before, but this is certainly an interesting take on the chibi look. She does look very regal in that pose. I really love the dreamy feel of these photos, great job!

  2. She's a Very sweet Serenety figure (〃^▽^〃)
    with her big eyes she looks a bit like a doll.
    Yeah, good job on the pictures, the atmosphere is nicely dreamy