First Look: Cupoche Frame Arms Girl: Gourai

12:47 PM

Hi! It’s been a while since my last post here at my blog and what made me come back?? NEW OPPORTUNITIES! I’ve been really blessed lately when it comes to my hobby! Just recently, I just organized the very first toy exhibit here in our country and also together with my buddy, Kixkillradio… we’re now the newest toy ambassador for Kotobukiya! I’m celebrating this achievement by showcasing their newest Cupoche figures for review! The good guys at Kotobukiya sent these out for review and here I’m pretty excited to show you all my photos!

First up, it’s Frame Arms Girl Gourai! ^_^ It’s actually my first Cupoche figure and I’m pretty excited about this review, I even watched the anime series to get to know more about her!

Oh a quick story: Frame Arms (FA) Girls are actually the latest model-kit line produced by Kotobukiya as an attempt to make girls (like me!) to venture into plamo building. It became so successful, a manga and an anime adaptation followed just a year after it was launched! According to the anime, FA girls are highly-intelligent, free moving, tiny robots. Gourai is the main protagonist in the series and she’s the first prototype in the world to be activated by Ao Gennai. Being the first ‘sample’ she has to learn a lot from Ao on a daily basis to develop her own personality, given that she’s equipped with her own “Artificial Self.” It’s quite fun to watch how Gourai develops her own self at each episode ^_^

Now here with me is Gourai is in her Cupoche form, just being cute with her poker face in all that FA Girls style! She’s fully equipped from her headgear, breastplate and to the tiny tracks on her legs!

Let’s not forget that fanservice part (that’s so evident in the anime) here lol, Gourai’s shimapan! XD

She also comes with her tiny smoothbore that you can attach on her shoulders, and with that’s she’s now ready to kick some ass!

Oh no, there’s something hostile up in the air!!! Who could that be?

It’s Stylet! Does she want a rematch?!We’ll catch up what’s going on with these two soon! ^_^

There you have it, FA Girl, Gourai in an intense battle mode phase!

I had so much fun with this shoot I made a little extra for you guys! You know how much I love to edit my photos using Photoshop so here’s a tutorial on how to add smoke effects to your figure photos! You’d notice the same effect on Gourai’s battle scene photos here so feel free to watch, learn and share!

That’s all! Hope you enjoy this set, next up for review is the tsun-tsun FA Girl, Stylet! Watch out for it!

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