Oh My, Mayoi!

5:13 AM

I have been wishing to get my hands on Figma Mayoi ever since I saw her pictures at MFC. I am drawn to her childish smile and her cutesy yellow umbrella! Just recently, I brought her to dinner and having my camera with me, I tested my new lens for a little photoshoot. Yeah, that's what I usually do when I bring a toy to dinner. XD

She's my first Figma! I love her to bits! 

That's my favorite drink in the whole world!

It's rainy day, don't care...

I'm also loving my new nifty fifty lens. I recommend it for new toy photographers because you can never go wrong with it. It's sharp, and it's also great in low light. Also, I'm a sucker for DOF and it's such a treat seeing toys pop out when being photographed using a prime lens. ;)

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  1. Is it a 50mm lens? The DOF looks amazingly nice. I also have her as figma, the face of her is so detailed and cute.

    She's very photogenic, really nice pics ^^

  2. @Wieselhead
    Hello there! Yes! I used to have this lens mainly for portraits, but I sold it last year. I got pretty excited after getting it again just recently, I'm a sucker for bokeh! Hahahahaha

  3. Ah I remember my first figma, such excitement! I love how figma hold boundless potential.

    I myself use a 40mm prime macro lens for my figure photography. Great bokeh too, although a bit less pronounced than with your 50mm.

    Pretty neat range isn't it?