It's Marilicious!

12:10 PM

Ohhh you just gotta love that smile! Say hello to Makinami Mari Illustrious, one of the newest addition to my humble collection! You just got to admit, she's a gorgeous vision in pink! She's one of those Fraulein figures by Revoltech, which is as far as I know, is really hard to acquire lately so I was so happy when I scored Mari within minutes of having it posted on the Revoltech Philippines group! Such a steal! ^_^

A little background here, Mari is an Eva Pilot and she appeared on the Evangelion: 2.0 You Can Not Advance series. I'm a fan of the said anime and Mari's just my second favorite, actually. I'm a big Asuka fan. :P But heck, she's pink, so I still love her!

 Mari in beast mode. 

I also got a new camera and an 18-200 zoom lens which I used here and I'm pretty happy with the quality of the images. I sooo wanted to have primes coz I didn't achieve the depth I like, but as I always say, maximize what you already have. ;)

Haha! This shot is so me. I always, or well, will never be seen without my cellphone! Even at home, it's the first thing I look for in the morning! 

Mari likes her selfies XD

The Angel Killer wants you~

I like the details of this figure. The pearly-pink satin finish of her plugsuit compliments the color of the other parts. This is my first fully articulated figure and I'm happy that I can pose her in so many ways I could think of! She's so pink all over so I choose this cold white balance setting for this set. 

Also I just found out that there's a Figma version of Mari. I wish I could see it and compare with Revoltech's line. If you liked my photos, please head over to Facebook to show your appreciation by liking my fanpage below or if you have comments, suggestions or anything to say, shoot me an email at ilovepinkcheeks [at] gmail dot com. ^_^

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  1. She's really beautiful! I love her expressions! Is this using your new zoom lens? The depth of field is really an eye candy... (_´ω`)

  2. I own a Figma version.

    Based on your images, the Revoltech version has more expressive faces and uses better paint for the plugsuit. The Figma version has more discreet joints though, and she comes with her own entry plug cockpit.

  3. @Carlos
    Thank you! Yes, I used my 18-200mm here, just trying it first hand in Toy Photography and the results are, ummm well, a slight notch better than what I always use.

    Oh wow that's cool! I find Mari too flimsy and delicate hahahaha but yeah, the paint job is awesome! I want a cockpit too for her beast mode :(