The Scared Minion

1:12 AM

I just got a new Minion added to my collection and I think he's getting too scared of anything. Almost anything. I tried to calm him down but he just won't stop from being too nervous-scared-sht of anything. LOL. Check out the pictures here to see what I'm talking about.

We just got home and I left him with Danboard him, who obviously wants a hug, my minion just went screaming and panting like crazy!

Go away! GO AWAY! I don't want to play HIDE and CLAP, GO AWAYYY!!! 

I also brought him with me on my last trip to the beach. I can see he's even scared of my friends!

He's scared of the Smurfs.

He's even scared of that tiny beach plant!

...or just being left alone in an open field of rocks along the beach! 

Ohhh what should I do with him? Hahahaha! BTW if you're asking where did I get my minions, this one is a US version, bought at McDonald's US, courtesy of my friend. Please don't forget to like my page on Facebook and if you have suggestions or comments, or just wanna say hi, shoot me an email at lovepinkcheeks [at] gmail dot com. :)

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  1. I don't blame him for being scared of Danbo. He looks super creepy with those eyes...

  2. Quick question, where did you get it?, im in Tokyo, but i dont know where can i get one of those minions!, can you help me?

    mi e mail,