Nendoroid Monopoly

4:59 AM

Lookie~ I found a tiny monopoly board and I showed it to the girls right away! They said they can't play it without money so I made them tiny paper money using colored paper LOL. If you're playing Monopoly, you would know what denomination each colored paper represents haha! :D

They were in Kiririn's pink room, hence the pink carpeted floor. So they just laid down and started playing! I think it was Taiga's turn when I took this shot. LOL.

 Can you guess which one has the most money?

Cute! Kiririn is thinking of what property should she buy next! 

Looks like Maru-chan wants to play too! :D

How about you, when's the last time you played Monopoly with your friends?

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  1. You always create such adorable setups, but this is especially nice.

    I played my last monopoly in January.
    We rarely finish it since the debts of some players go through the roof at one point. I win quite often actually.

    The board looks cute, once I made mini money with a printer, it was so much fun.

    I like how you placed the leg parts behind the Nendos :)

  2. Hello there my friend! Thanks so much you liked my simple setup!

    Hahahaha it's been a while since you last played and I feel you on the debts LOL we sometimes end up selling more than what we should gain :D

    ..and yeah, glad you noticed it! It's hard to make them lie on the floor so I just placed their legs and used a good angle LOL :D

  3. Seeing Nendos hang out is always great, but they are WAY too happy to be playing a game of Monopoly XD

    End this game before their friendship deteriorates!