Nendoroid Halloween Costume Party

12:20 AM

I felt that I was done making a spooky Halloween themed shoot for Halloween, so I thought of creating something cute this time, involving most of my Nendoroids. Since I made that birthday party setup, I began to like giving them parties because they all seem to become so lively! So this year, it's a Halloween Costume Party for my babies!

Basically it's like Dress-like-a-Nendoroid for your costume hahaha! I made them swap pieces and I think you could tell which piece belongs to who ;). This is also the first time I took so much photos, so I hope you enjoy the entire set! :)

The guests of the Halloween Party are Ryuko, Sayaka, Sakura, Mako, Wo, Mayoi, Taiga and Heichou! They all look so adorable!

Ryuko-chan came in dressed up casually!

Mayoi looks so cute with her dizzy glasses.

This cute pair dressed up as Ryuko and Mako, but where's your Scissor Blade, Sakura-chan?

Trying to look scary with their Halloween masks lol.

The party table is filled with so much food like candy canes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin brownies, cupcakes and even ghost cookies!

Sayaka: "They all look so tasty! What shall I eat?"

Isn't this the cutest ever? Wo-chan dressed as Halloween Miku, with cute bat wings for her hair!

Taiga-chan came too! 

You want some drinks, Gutz?

The honorable leader of the Survey Corps, Levi Heichou was there too!

"I shall take you to the depths of the sea!" Mako seems to be so in-character while wearing Wo-chan's costume. But then she saw the food on the table...

Mako: "Aaaahh! So much food!"

"Guts! Guts! Guts! Let's finish this then go back to the table again!"

"Since you can't eat table food, I brought you some croquettes!"

Now someone has found the bottle of champagne and began pouring drinks for everyone!

Me: "Hey Wo-chan, you look awfully red tonight!"
Wo: "Wo?"

Mako-chan: "Wo-chan! Cheers!"


Pouring drinks for everyone at the party!

Heichou: "So hey, what's up with the bat wings?"
Wo: "Wo?"

Uh-oh, someone is having too much drinks already... -_-

Mako: "Oh yeah, then Gamagoori-senpai says he wants to go out and see a movie with me! Nyahahahaha!"

Mako: "I was like, nyahahahaha you're too big to fit inside the movie! You'll block everyone else's view nyahahahaha!"
Ryuko: "Hey, you're drunk!"

Mako: "No, I'm not! I can still jump so high and do this..."


Levi: "Get a grip, Mako!"

Heichou can't seem to take it anymore he gave Mako-chan a beating to calm her shit down.

Mako: "Ryuko-chaaaannn..."

After that, Mako-slept until morning! What a party pooper she is!

Oh, then there's Miku-chan dressed up as Princess Frankenstein! Isn't she lovely? :D

And that sums up what happened at the Halloween Costume party! I really enjoyed creating this set and swaping Nendoroid parts is so fun, it gives them a different personality! How about you guys, did you also party last Halloween?

Love, Pinkcheeks

P.S: Their pets also went to the party too! They all shared Guts' croquettes! :)

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  1. Oooh Nendoroid body swapping is fun. I love the way Sakura looks with Senketsu!!

  2. Great Party! Wo getting totally adorable *blush* and Mako getting really drunk in the end.
    I really enjoyed the setting and the atmosphere you've created in the pictures.

    Haha and Sakura looks like a boss ^^

  3. Love this set sooo much! Just wanna ask tho, where'd you get Mako's beaten up face? Did you buy a special edition? It wasn't in the box I bought from Goodsmile Global :(