First Look: Ryuko Matoi

5:18 PM

I finally got a chance to shoot Ryuko Matoi's scale figure! She belongs to my friends Bige and James and they let me shoot Ryuko the first day I came to Cebu! Thank God I didn't sleep early that night hahahaha!

Kill la Kill is one of my favorite animes I've seen last year and when GSC announced a scale figure of Matoi, I wept because I want it so much but I can't due to budget issues hahaha. But the figure gods were so kind to me because I went shutter happy shooting her this weekend! 

Ryuko up close, I love her angry stare, she's so ready to slice anything with her Scissor Blade!

Her base compliments her look, very similar to the place where she's usually battling at the Honnouji Academy. Since I got Figma Ryuko, I wonder if I can pose her like this..

Oh gosh she's so badass! Do you have her in your collection? I hope you enjoy the photos! I have a little secret: I took shots of this under the table! LOL I just used a desk lamp covered with a plastic bag and a styrofoam as a reflector! Some cheap lighting trick, but I'm pretty happy with the results! See you on my next post! ^_^

Love, Pinkcheeks

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  1. "I took shots of this under the table!" I hope alcohol wasn't the reason for that XD

    This aside your pictures look really great, you've captured her face so nicely.
    Even when you say that you've used simple things to accomplish it,
    they look very elaborate with the lighting like this.

    The figure looks cool in her skimpy outfit, they gave her a really dynamic pose.
    Her face is also very pretty, I love the angle in picture 2.

    I don't have the figure, maybe I'll get Satsuki.
    Actually I would like a figure of Ryuko in her normal delinquent uniform ;)

    1. Hahahaha! Oh no, I'm not drunk LOL! There's just not enough space for me to shoot at that time so I went under the table instead. XD

      Yeah, I'm getting the Senketsu Ver. of Satsuki too! She's so badass like Ryuko!

  2. Very nice! For some reason her face reminds me of Denise Richards... I really hope Phat Company makes a Mako and Nonon to go with Ryuko and Satsuki. Can't have only main characters.