Happy Birthday Pinkcheeks~

9:33 AM

Last Tuesday (October 14th) was my birthday and I appreciate everyone who sent me their heartwarming greetings. This includes all those who greeted me in advance on my birthday giveaway contest! Thank you so much! I'm not the type who throws huge parties that rock the house, I just had a simple celebration with my family and closest friends at home, and my Nendoroids too!
Here's what happened on my birthday!

Yukarin is singing me a happy birthday song, using an ice cream as her mic LOL.

She's so at it! Go on, you can sing till the end of the party! :D

Mayoi is hoarding on ice cream!

Heichou was there too, and he's also hoarding on ice cream!

"Hey, these are just three scoops!" Okaaayyy~

Lovely Miku was also there, she just came back from school lol.

Here's what I shared with my tiny guests: Rainbow Cake, cupcakes, pizza, donuts, hotdogs and spaghetti! I guess they'll never finish eating till the end of the day.

Mayoi wants a slice of my rainbow cake.

Oh yeah, Wo was there too, she came with Alien-chan, but all they did was stare at the dinner table. I think Alien-chan was being picky about food, he doesn't like vanillabean cupcakes.


They also played Pin The Donkey! It was Mayoi's turn to pin the tail, I don't know if she got it though.

"What's taking her so long to pin that tail?"

I got the last performance of the day by Miku singing her version of Happy Birthday for me. Ain't she the sweetest?

Here's their group shot!

It was afternoon when the party was over and Levi volunteered to clean up the mess. XD

He's such a handy party guest; he comes to your party, eating and mingling with other guests, then stays to help you clean up, or, he really wants to do all the cleaning by himself.

Thank you everyone for coming to my party~

PS: Bags and food are from my shop, NendoCouture (@nendoocouture) on Instagram. :)

Congratulations to Fantasy Montes de Oca! 
Yay! You won the 2nd giveaway! (photo share) Kindly send me PM on my page, informing me your address so I can send you your Halloween goodie bag! The next winner is gonna be the 2000th person who likes my fanpage! Thank you all so much for your support for this wonderful hobby life of mine! <3 font="">

Love, Pinkcheeks!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday from me (⌒▽⌒)
    You've build a great birthday party, what a bunch of lively guests.
    Mayoi rocks the party, literally. Wo looks a little drunk, I love it ^^

    1. Thanks my friend! Glad you like my set! Yeah, got a few art materials and set them up from scratch hahaha :D

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had an enjoyable day on your birthday ^^ These pictures are so adorable, everyone looks like their having fun together!

  3. Happy birthday! Love these photos, especially how Levi got stuck with the cleaning XD If you have a birthday party, I hope the theme is "dress like a Nendoroid." Because nothing would be funnier than forcing your guests to wear costumes with gigantic heads.

  4. Thanks Tian! Yeah, the neat freak volunteered right away XD That sounds like a great idea for my next birthday party! Then I'll make my guests finish their spaghetti with their costumes on LOL