Kotobukiya Takamura Yui - Muv Luv

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The last anime I saw with heroines in skin-tight plugsuits was Evangelion. Yeah, I'm an old soul for even liking it and having a great appreciation of how twisted that anime is, no matter what they say. Now, for this next figure, she's also an anime heroine in a skin-tight plugsuit, prolly fighting aliens from space too. I guess I should watch more anime to give you guys a great review of this lovely figure, but I like taking pictures more than watching so it's all good with me. 

Just last month I was so confident that I could take a total of 7 scale figures all in one month (I just got excited!) and give great reviews of each here on my blog; turns out I couldn't because of other stuff that comes in unexpectedly like work and events and yeah, others LOL. So ended up taking figure photos of just one each week haha, well maybe next time I won't say such things anymore, just like what the saying goes: Don't bite off more that you can chew. 

Anyway, today's figure photos are all about Kotobukiya's 1/7 Yui Takamura from Muv Luv. I did a quick research on the other Muv Luv girls, oh man, they surely are busty! That's one of Yui's selling point I assume, and this figure so does it in a nice way. 

When I take photos of scale figures, I tend to experiment on finding the best angle for them so most of my photos are tilted too much. I'm so fond of that, you all must've noticed them on my figure photos. For Yui here, well, I noticed she got the rounded boobies I've seen in a figure so this angle works best for her. 

Yui has this stone wall for her base, which I later found out that it forms a puzzle piece for the other Muv Luv figures, Cryska and Inia and they all look great being placed side by side. I made a simple setup for her in my mini-studio, I took pieces of hollow blocks and placed it around her to compliment her base for that edgy, grunge-like look.

Yui is such a sexy figure indeed. She got a lot of gorgeous curves from ther bust to her butt, she sure is quite a looker. One thing I don't like here is the combination of orange and purple. I love colors but this combination just doesn't go well in my book.

However, while I don't like Yui's color combination, I like how detailed her plugsuit is, very much true to the anime.

I also liked the way her hips are raised backwards, giving more emphasis to her shiny butt, and oh boy, that thigh gap is amazing.

Yui comes with her Katana which she delicately holds in her right hand. 

She's looking very much like a tease, that sculpting of her belly button is quite a nice touch to this figure.

I was also experimenting with lights for this figure. I used a 3 light setup here. Taking photos of scale figures indoors proved quite a challenge for me because of my lack of knowledge when it comes to proper lighting! Hahaha I guess I need more practice! XD BTW, I got inspiration for shooting this figure from my buddy Wieselhead, who did a great review (and photos!), you may check his blog for his review.

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  1. *lol* But I like NGE , too. In fact I love it ^^
    With her deep hanging bangs I found this lady rather hard to capture, but there are some great angles for her.
    I found some of her armor parts a bit too bulky, since they overshadow the actually beautiful sculpt.
    The ninth and eleventh picture look great, I really like the composition of light and the figures pose.

    thank you for mentioning my post *bow*