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Here's to another character that brings so much nostalgia during my childhood. He's part of my daily afternoon routines where everyday afterschool, I get slumped in front of the TV watching the show even before I could check my homework. His name is Dark Magician, from the popular card game/anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh. I kinda liked to love that show, it's like Pokemon sans the cuteness.

When Kotobukiya PH sent the figures, his box was very distinguishable from the rest because of it's size, so if you consider having Dark Magician in your stash, make sure to free some space. LOL.

He's a huge figure, for a 1/7 scale figs I've held so far, he's really that huge and it could be because of his costume though, not to mention he's quite heavy too. 

I read somewhere that the first release of this figure followed the original colors of the character; but it looked so hideous, fans requested for a more stylish, less-Smurf-like look with a new paint scheme which is what we have now today.

I knew Dark Magician was tanned in the anime and it's great that Kotobukiya made the same skin color. However, his skin looked so pale in some promotional pictures I've seen and even the picture on his box, his skin looks pale, which is waaay different from the actual figure itself.

The deep purple color of his robe looks so great in one light, the drapery is so nicely done, it almost looks like it's being blown by the wind. 

Dark Magician's only accessory is his staff, which he helds on his right hand. That orb almost looked opalescent in some angles.

His base is a replica of his popular insignia in the anime, a star circled with some ancient runes, where he is hoisted on top of this tall crystal-like seat. I had difficulty putting him in place because it's quite tight to squeeze that thing between the insides of his robe, not mention his feet was wrapped to side. However, there's this small fixture at the sides of his crystal seat where you could place his left foot. 

Just look at how majestic he is, almost seated like a king on his own throne. 

What I like about this figure is his sharp blue eyes. That angry stare that almost seem to follow me anywhere. 

This figure has a few good angles, and you can never miss those eyes. Really.

Kotobukiya's Dark Magician Art FX/J Statue has his own appeal to fans because it's very true to his character in the series; he looks so pleasing to look at: he looks powerful, so masculine, and ohh those eyes...even if you're not much a YuGiOh fan, or just someone who wanted to expand your magician type of figures, then you should consider having him in your collection.

Love, Pinkcheeks

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