Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Halloween Ver.

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Fufufu~ I'm on a roll! Today is Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Halloween Ver.'s pre-order date! Everyone seems to love this exclusive Nendoroid so much and GSC knows a great timing in opening up her pre-order dates, so everyone is expecting to get this Nendoroid just right before Halloween! She's an exclusive Nendoroid first sold at the upcoming Miku Expo in LA this October 11th, but if you can't make it to LA, you can order directly at the GSC online shop.

I did post the first look photos of this lovely Nendoroid out of excitement though, and I'm still not satisfied so I did another set, much true to the Halloween theme this time. Creepier, darker and uh, more vibrant looking LOL. Now, I'm pretty pleased with what I have achieved here! I played with lighting and got burned in the process. Literally!

Well, it's just my cellophane paper just got burned because of my strobes. I use this kind of paper to wrap around the lamp to give that soft diffused color. However, it was overkill using a 150W just for toy photography and good thing I was able to balance it out in my photos so it's okay. I'll just be careful next time. LOL.

I played with 3 different lights this time, using the same backdrop I used on the previous set of photos, I used 3 lights to capture that creepy Halloween feel for this lovely Nendoroid. Like this photo here, she's looking bloody amazing!

I suck at making dioramas so I just made a simple graveyard setup, using my mom's fake moss from her indoor plants as the foreground and some popsicle sticks turned into mini-crosses. I made her look like walking in a creepy cemetery XD

This Nendoroid design was based on an artist's impression of the popular vocaloid diva, giving it a Halloween feel. GSC decided to create a Nendoroid out of the original design, making it the first Halloween-themed Nendoroid Miku. I'm super lucky having her as my first Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, out of so many!

The moss looked like a dirty pumpkin patch, perfect for her pumpkin accessory! Miku looked like a cute little twintailed devil,that evil horns and those fangs gives her that cutesy scary look!

The tiny bat wings can be held with an end of the stand. I love the gradient color on her pigtails and also the soft curls at the ends, it made her look so flirty yet girly at the same time. Her dress details are so true to the original artwork, from the bows and pearl details on her skirt and fluffy petticoat underneath. 

Another great addition for this Nendoroid is a Pumpkin faceplate! Miku looks so cute and looking very much like her pumpkin accessory! The eyelashes provides a nice girly touch for this faceplate, so she doesn't look that scary at all haha!

They looked like twins! 

This is my favorite faceplate that comes in the package. It makes her look so sultry and sassy at the same time! I think it's the eyes, or the fangs does it, but overall, she looks so sexy!

Miku showing off some skin, thanks to her costume.

Yeah, maybe it's the eyes that does it. I love her eyeshadows so much! 

You can see the Miku's garter belt over striped stockings from here and it really is so cute to look at, and oh, add the cute little wings on her boots adds up a really nice touch to her Halloween-inspired costume! 

Miku looked spaced out, maybe that pumpkin is kinda heavy for her LOL.

As for that pumpkin, it's especially made as a head swap for Nendoroid Petites! Check out this Jack-O-Saber! :D

Be sure to order her right away, she is so adorable beyond words! If you won't be able to go to the upcoming Miku Expo, GSC just opened their order page today, September 25th! Some of my friends have already placed an order and they're also excited to get her this halloween! 

You can order her here at the Good Smile Company Online shop:

If you got her, let me know and feel free to share it on my page! ^_^

P.S: The Halloween bag is not included in the package, I made it just for Nendoroid Halloween Miku, it fits her  just right, making it another great accessory! I'm giving it away on my birthday month (which is next month! Yay!) so keep checking my Facebook page for more details. ^_^

Love, Pinkcheeks

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  2. Another great set but please don't burn your house down lol

    1. Hahaha noted! I swear I could really smell that burning paper, but I didn't want to turn the lights off yet till I finished the entire set XD, yeah I'll be more careful next time lol

  3. I liked your first pictures as well, these new ones just have more of a "punch" ^^
    Lol, she even has a garter belt, who had ever expected such a Nendoroid.
    I really like the demon lady look, she's sexy but with wears it with class.

    The cellophane looks nice and crispy now XD but better throw it away before next shooting.
    ambitious photography has to be a little reckless sometimes.

  4. Really looks near Morrigan Aensland o_O

    I'm not a Miku fan as well but this made me think even more. This Miku is really unique so you're indeed lucky you got her even before her pre-order!! >w<

    I wonder if they're going to have a different version of her each year too.