First Look: Nendoroid Mankanshoku Mako

4:02 AM

Oh my, it's been  a while since I updated my figure blog. I was active on my Facebook page, but I haven't been able to post anything here due to work and events. There's a backlog of toy photos for me to edit! LOL. Now, it's also been like, a month since I got this Nendoroid which I'm gonna show you guys! I was so excited when I got her, but then it was only later when I took her to a photoshoot... the shame.

Mako was mad at me for this verrryyy late post.

Anyway, here's Nendoroid Mankanshoku Mako! I got her together with Ryuko-chan from Hubbyte Toy Store. Oh, I also remember getting Satsuki too, and since it's taking forever for her to arrive, Ryuko might have to wait as well too. I have an epic shoot just for them! :D

Say hello to Mako-chan!

Mako's an instant PO the moment Kahotan showed a preview of this lovely nendoroid. To those who didn't know Mako-chan, I highly recommend you to watch Kill la Kill and get entertained by her antics! XD She's Ryuko-chan's hyperactive bestfriend and getting her together with Ryuko is a must! (add Satsuki-chan too XD)

Mako comes with Guts of course! They look so cute!

Mako: "Chotto matteeee Ryuko-chan!!!"
Ryuko: "What?"
Mako: "What the hell are you eating?!"

Ryuko: "It's already dinner! I'm hungry!"

Mako: *grabs burger and throws it* "You should eat THIS instead!"

Mako: "Those unidenditifiable stuff in that croquettes can make you and Senketsu stronger, you know!"
Senketsu: "Don't eat it, Ryuko! o.O"

Then after forcing Ryuko to eat those croquettes, Mako when out with Guts to play outside. I happen to catch a short glimpse of the sunset sky and it gave a warm glow to this photo below. I like outdoor photography the most! :D

Walking with Guts on a cozy afternoon.

Jump, Guts, Jump!!!

Mako got tired from playing with Guts, I caught her sleeping in the shade here.

I designed a simple set similar to Mako-chan's house here. I wanted a cozy feel for their house, and I'm gonna use it again for my next shoot, that's when I get Satsuki that is. ;)

See you again on my next post!


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  1. Mako is so cute, the character design with the round haircut and the classic school uniform with the slightly chubby appearance is nice. Are her arms actually bendable?

    The grumpy face of Ryuko is the best XD

    I love the heavy desk ^^

    1. Yes! Mako has 2 bendable arms included in the package, but I didn't include it in this shoot, I've yet to think of a good use for those arms other than her standard pose lol.

      Oh that heavy desk is actually a candle holder hahaha

  2. You don't often see Nendos that actually seem to have energy but Mako is definitely one of them! She's one of my favorite Nendos along with Mikudayo and Churuya-san. Anyway, loved this set and I'm looking forward to the epic Kill la Kill set!!

    1. Yeah, she's one energetic ball of sunshine LOL.. and ahhh it takes forever for Satsuki to arrive DX ! I already have the rocks and dirt setup here for her shoot with Ryuko hahaha XD

  3. Mako is so adorable! I love your Mako photos, the ones with her and guts are super cute. She just has so much energy!

    1. Yes she is! But I hope I do have other Nendoroid bodies like the Yukata ones you have on your page! She looks so adorbs in a yukata! <3