Mayoi Goes Places: Kawasan Falls

3:04 PM

It has been a while since Mayoi went on a trip with me, so last weekend, I brought her to Cebu to get in touch with nature again! This time, we went to see Cebu's famed Kawasan Falls.

Being a huge waterfalls lover, I've always wanted to see how beautiful this is. That crystalline blue water looked so unreal in pictures, but when I went there, I was really is THAT blue!

Even the shallowest part of the stream shows how blue the water is, almost like the ocean!

This is why I love nature so much! <3 p="">

My travel buddy seems so excited to go on a nature trip again!

Ahh! It's my second waterfall! 

Mayoi: "Look, Pinkcheeks-san, the water is so blue! Can I swim here?"
Me: "Ummm.. No."

"Can you take my picture instead?"

Me: "Hey, we have to go..."
Mayoi: "but I wanna swim..." *sulks*

Here's another take of Kawasan Falls' catchbasin, you could see how blue the water is! Mayoi loves it so much, we can't wait to go on another nature trip again! :) See you on my next post!

Love, Pinkcheeks

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  1. That's really cool, very beautiful scenery! I feel like you should let Mayoi take a dip though. Just a brief one haha