Love, Pinkcheeks at ArchCon 2014

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I've always liked going to toy conventions. It's fun, and I like seeing all things anime from cosplays, figures, to cute anime merchandise. Though I don't consider myself as a big anime enthusiast that much (I only knew a few anime titles hahaha), being a part of a major toy convention is such a big feat for me!

My poster for ArchCon hahaha! 

I was invited by VAFC as a guest for this year's ArchCon2014, where I get to exhibit my collection and talk about a few things in toy photography. ArchCon is an annual event held in Cebu and it's very much similar to ToyCon here in Manila, where all things pop culture gather for a day. The event was held at the Activity Center in Ayala Cebu last October 25th, 2014.

As far as I remember before getting there, I knew I'm gonna be interviewed, I was surprised that it's gonna be onstage, infront of hundreds of people! O.O I got really shy at first, but it's all for toy photography and my group, VAFC, I'm in!

Now, VAFC (Visayas Anime Figure Collectors) is a group of figure collectors started out last year by Prince and Arnold out of just a quick chat about a certain fig. Sensing that spark of interest coming in, they decided to form a group dedicated to anime enthusiasts and figure collectors alike. They regularly have meetings, where they bring their figures for everyone to see. 

I also get to talk to one of the founders of VAFC, Prince, to share a little background about the group:

How/When did VAFC started? Who were the founders?

Prince: VAFC started at about a year ago. Sometime around September if my memory serves me right. That time, we were looking around Cebu shops that sell figures but to no avail found any that do sell legit figures.What's really funny is that our encounter with Warren ( owner of Wrenhobbi ) is that
his ad popped out at Facebook. And Arnold was curious enough to click the ad and there we have it. Everything followed.

It was also Arnold Sy who founded and created the group. We were talking about the groups that we had already joined and told him to create a new one for ourselves focusing on just Cebuano collectors.

Do you regularly held meetings? What do you usually do/talk about during meetings?

Prince: Meetings. Yes! It was not until Abigail joined the group where she would push us to gather so we could interact and share our collection between

members as well. At that time, meetings were merely plans as we had little members to start with. Then, came Nunzio, James, Michael John, Roland and the rest of the gang! We usually hang out and meet at Tomo Cafe which is located at Talamban, Cebu.

We usually chat about the new figures, releases, admire each other's collection and just kid around or take photographs. Nothing serious. All to ease out and release stress.

How did you guys prepare for this year's ArchCon?

Prince: Wow! Archcon! It was truly an overwhelming opportunity that Nunzio gave us the opportunity to prepare and exhibit for this year's ArchCon.

I feel like I needed to reach and help out but it was quite hard for me and some of us as we were busy with our work as well. But, it turned out to be good. It also gave birth to the panda logo which everyone can see at our page right now. Abigail, on the other hand, helped a lot on our group's preparation. We invited over friends including Warren and you, Scher!

Nunzio set out and showed us what our tables will look like and we then planned out what to bring so as to fit everything for the community to see.

Given the success of the exhibit at ArchCon, do you guys plan to join other figure display events?

Prince: Yes! It's wonderful don't you think? As long as it is within our reach, our group will definitely be there! :)

What's your message to others who would like to venture into figure collecting?

Prince: Figure collecting is truly a wonderful hobby. I admit that it is an expensive hobby but you just have to keep in mind to be responsible with whatever hobby you are getting into. Love it & appreciate it! Keep it in moderation and remember that you have family and friends who you also want to be with aside from collecting.

That way, you can balance the fun in life and responsiblity altogether! :D


So, I arrived in Cebu at 6pm on Thursday, Oct 23 and Bige and James took me in on the first day. I love this couple because they share the same love for anime and figures and I'm like, oh I want a relationship like that too LOL. I feel thankful that they adopted me in for the night and that I could take photos of their lovely, lovely figures! I saw my holygrail figures in person!

Touching Belldandy is like dream~

Taking her photo is a different story!

I also get to take pictures of Ryuko-chan! OMG!

And that lovely Saber Lily!

I was so happy when they showed me their collection, I'm like, oh wow, I wanna take photos of them all! But then again, so many figures, so little time! I need to rest because I have a trip in the morning. :)


That's my photo right there! (Photo by MrYap Productions)

Fast forward to Saturday October 25th, I went to ArchCon early in the morning to help with unboxing the figures that's gonna be on display. There's this sea of boxes everyone and I'm overwhelmed at the quantity of the figures that the group brought that day! Some weren't opened yet, so I get a hand in unboxing them, that damn smell of newly opened PVC is so good!

We got a tables full of figures from various toy makers like Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Revoltech, Alter, and many more! I bought my babies, the GSC exclusives to display them together with other figures. It's my second time to participate as an exhibitor (first one was Halloween Miku last Cosmania) so I'm really happy seeing them on display. :D

A table full of POP figures!

Kyojin-san was there!

Oh, and I saw Lum! 

The group also put in a great effort in creating dioramas for the figures. Check out this court scene where Heichou is beating Eren to a pulp!


Kaga and Akagi eating, as always. XD (photo by MrYap Productions)

..and then there's Belldandy with HolyBell, my holy grail figure!

The guys from Arigatoys also came in for a visit! We truly appreciate their support! 

Here's the set of instructions for the lottery.

I gave out my photocards as part of the lottery prizes!

This little girl won the major prize for the lottery! Everyone was stunned! (photo by MrYap Productions)

The highlight of this event for me is the part where I got interviewed onstage to talk about toy photography! I didn't pass the chance to share my love for this wonderful hobby and I also get to promote my Love, Pinkcheeks in Cebu! Oh what a joy! ^_^

I brought Momohime to show her off

I was nervous at first, but then I just kept on talking and talking hahaha!

Achievement unlocked for me! I felt so happy afterwards that I reached another milestone in my hobby life! I feel so thankful to ArchCon and VAFC for this opportunity! I'm also proud of the group for the successful exhibit during ArchCon, I saw their dedication and effort during preparation and I must say all that hard work really paid off! Good job guys! I'd definitely want to join the next ArchCon event again!

Oh, here's the group photo after the event together with our lovely display.

Here's another group photo on the other side of our display!

You may check out the rest of the photos on my page, and also thanks to MrYap Productions for the rest of the photos! :)

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  1. I been following you lately and I didn't expect to see you Miss Scher. I didn't know your coming to ARCHCon. I'm really happy to see you (*^▽^)/