First Look: Nendoroid Miku Halloween Ver.

2:44 PM

I was super happy the other day when I got this package in the mail because it's something that I'd never expect getting. I was so surprised when I opened the box, the awesome guys at Good Smile Company just sent me my very first Miku Nendoroid!

I got the newest Nendoroid Miku Halloween Ver. to play with today. This was a figure sample sent my GSC for toy photography and I'll be more than happy to take photos for them and even more! ^_^ I couldn't resist opening her right away! These are just first look photos of my new Miku Nendoroid and I'm gonna post the next set this week. Well, to tell you honestly, I couldn't sleep tonight so I did this really quick photoshoot because I'm so excited to play with Miku.

The detail of her dress is incredible! GSC really does their best in putting keen attention to details when it comes to their figures. I am loving the tiny accents to her dress like that gold pendant, frills on her top, and also those tiny pearls at the ends of her skirt!

I love, looove this cute devilish face. She looks so mischievous, almost like to give you tricks instead of treats LOL. That tiny fang sticking out is just the cutest thing ever.

She looks like a little Succubus to me, more like my favorite videogame character, Morrigan Aensland! The teal hair and that cute bat wings does it.

Miku trying to scare me. While holding her candy cane LOL.

My Miku looks so pretty upclose. :3 I am loving her orange eyeshadow! It creates great emphasis to her eyes! Her huge pearl earrings gives great accent to her costume too! :)

Of course, this doesn't end here! She's my first Miku Nendoroid (out of many LOL) so I really feel so lucky to have her! See you on my next post soon about a more in depth look at Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Halloween Version! I prepared a special Halloween shoot just for her! ;)

Also, don't forget to check out Good Smile Company's website on how you can get this exclusive Nendoroid Halloween Miku!

Love, Pinkcheeks <3 p="">

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  1. Great photos again! This is one of the better Miku variants I've seen, and the Halloween theme is one I don't see often on figures. Good to see she'll actually be around (for you, anyway) for Halloween!

    1. Yeah, though Halloween isn't as fun as Christmas, figure companies should consider making figures for this theme. Besides, Halloween colors are kinda cute though :D I really think this is the first Halloween themed figure GSC has made, they did a great job and I am loving my very first Miku haha :D

  2. Her face really seems to be more detailed, the white ring inside her eyes for example.
    Yeah the fang and teeths are really adorable, she's a confident demon lady ;D
    Oh and I love her grab hand with the little fingers, so cute

    1. She really is! She's one sexy lil devil!
      Glad you noticed that! Not the common round grabbing hand for nendoroids LOL
      Thanks for dropping by!