Lazy Rainy Days

3:43 AM

It's rainy season once again here in the Philippines, which makes me just stay indoors and just sulk till it ends. Just kidding! XD I love the rain for a few reasons like: it's always cold when it rains, it's a perfect excuse to snuggle....with my dog, and it gives me that melancholic feeling.

My toys are prolly getting the same feels too. Here's today's set featuring Mayoi and Kaga, who seems to love that lazy rainy day feeling.

Rain, rain, go away, the little snail wants to play.

Mayoi-chan is feeling sleepy because of the rainy weather.

There's a huge storm at sea so all sorties are being suspended at the moment. Kaga finds comfort in taking a day off at home, just enjoying the cozy weather.

What better way to warm up in this weather? Enjoy a hot cup of tea. 

She seems to want to rain to end, she misses the intense battle at sea, Kaga-san, relax for a bit! XD

I made the couch by myself, and the windows are sprayed with mist. I love how it turned out on some shots, it feels so sad and peaceful at the same time. Makes me want to just sleep around on the couch aaaaalll day. :D

How about you? How do feel when it rains? :)

Love, Pinkcheeks

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  1. Water drops sound, beautiful music, a relaxing wet ground aroma... I love rainy days, pity here that sun doesn't give up.

    Amazing shots!

    1. I'm glad you like this set, and the rain too! Thanks! :D

  2. Lovely atmosphere in these pictures, very well done as well as the decorations.
    I like a soft rainshower from time to time, the sound of slowly falling raindrops is quite soothing.

    Wait, don't snails love rain?

    1. Yeah, they do! But Mayoi is that one snail I wouldn't want to spend outside in the rain too much XD She'll get a cold! Hahaha! Thanks and glad you like my feeble attempt in making a simple diorama hahaha XD

  3. Please make a tutorial on your window because its so perrfect <3