Kotobukiya Sword Art Online Leafa

5:11 AM

Hi there! How's everyone going? I got a pretty good response from my latest blog post for my photoshop tutorial about how to make your colors pop on your figure photos. I also got pictures from fans saying that they've used my tutorial and they like it so much, so I'm truly happy sharing my own technique in enhancing my figure photos. :)

As I've said also on my previous blog, the same technique was applied to this next set of photos of a new scale figure. Well yeah, I use it all the time, but I did some enhancements to this next set because I'm liking texture effects lately. :)

Today's set of photos is about  Kotobukiya Sword Art Online Leafa - Fairy Dance. I noticed that she's quite popular and I got messages saying when will I take photos of her, then I thought Asuna was the popular SAO girl LOL. 

Leafa was an online avatar of Kirigaya Suguha from the online game, Alfheim Online. She's a Sylph Warrior who appeared first on the Fairy Dance Arch of the SAO series. This figure is in her Sylph Warrior costume, which is elicately perched on a tree which makes her more like a dainty fairy than a warrior is you ask me.

Talk about a slightly inappropriate environment for Leafa because her figure base is water and there's no water source available so the shoot just took place in our garden. 

Leafa's color scheme screams nature, good thing the sun was shining that afternoon so it complements the figure's main colors. I love how her fairy wings seem to shine behind light.

Her mint colored fairy wings are slightly translucent and I love how they're delicately scupted, she looks so dainty even at her back. I was thinking those cropped tights are really unnecessary but with the abundance of female figures exposing their white lingerie in such a provocative pose like this, then I though it's okay for Leafa's tights to leave it just like that. LOL. It's all part of her costume. XD

What I like most about this figure is her face; she's such a girly figure, that half smile adds up to her dainty appearance and she looks really pretty in close up shots.

A funny story here, when my mom saw me taking pictures of Leafa, she thought she'd make a perfect garden accessory! (to put beside her garden gnomes LOL!) of course I said no, but I asked her to plant more flowers so I could shoot Leafa again in a different setting.

I might travel again this weekend and I was thinking I could bring her. A fairy figure like her belongs in the woods and nature themed shoots suits her better. I want to put her beside a waterfall! Then her water base would be put to good use! XD See you again on my next post!

~Love, Pinkcheeks

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  1. There are a number of people who dislike Asuna, well I have nothing against her, but there are probably better female heroines in the cast to be Kirito's girlfriend hahaha.

    I'm happy that you reviewed this very figure, I haven't ordered her yet, but was very interested in her.
    Elf girls are cute and Leafa is a quite buxom one on top of that. The character designer was probably daydreaming as he was deciding about her visual appearance. I admit that I really like her curves ^o^

    The figure has a nice atmosphere with her friendly facial expression, the natural and light colors and the flying pose. Leafa has quite a number of angles where she looks beautiful. Your pictures are really lovely in this outdoor scenery and the soft light, also the closeup shots are lovely ^^

    1. I was surprised when I got these requests on my page right after I posted a teaser of Leafa weeks ago, I haven't seen SAO so I thought she's that popular lol.

      Oh gosh, I suck at giving figure reviews I just like to take photos of it, but I'm happy you likem! ^^, As for Elf ladies, i like them too, them usually appear lithe or petite but Leafa is quite uh, a bombshell haha! Unlike this one character that I really like, it's Deedlit from a Sega Dreamcast game, Record of Lodoss War. She's not much top heavy, pretty much like a normal elf girl lol.

  2. Koto really seemed to jump fast on the SAO bandwagon putting out some really nice figures way before other companies. So far I have to say they have been doing a great job, their Asuna and this Leafa are probably my favorites for their respective characters.

    Shame about not having water near you, I'm a bit curious as to how those photos would have turned out. Even so I think these photos in your garden turned out great as they match Leafa's color scheme quite nicely.

    1. I searched for other scale figures of Leafa and this one is prettiest :D Yeah, it's such a shame that her water base wasn't even emphasized in this photoshoot, even if I tried to show it, it would really look awkward placed on the ground lol. Not unless I dug a hole or something on our garden to fill it with water hahaha XD