Kotobukiya Street Fighter Chun-li Bishoujo

11:21 AM

Today's figure brings so much nostalgia. I knew her so well from my arcade gaming  days back in college where I would save a portion of my lunch money just to play with my buddies. 

Meet Chun-Li, the hero I used to play in tandem with Morrigan Aensland at Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Heroes game. I could still remember her moves like the lightning kick and Kikoushou and besides, who doesn't know this iconic Street Fighter character? :)

I first saw this figure at the Arigatoys' display booth last Toycon 2014 and I was so amazed at how gorgeous she looks. These Bishoujo line of characters by Kotobukiya are all so beautiful, they don't appear to look like feisty heroes at all.

Just look at Wonder Woman here, she's such a beauty! I absolutely love her face!

After showing us their line of Marvel and Tekken figures, Kotobukiya introduced Chun-li as the first SF character for the Bishoujo line. I knew there's also Cammy, but between her and Cammy, I'd pick Chun-li because I like the cutesy type of fighters. Now I wonder if they're gonna make a Bishoujo Morrigan Aensland too :D She's my absolute favorite! 

Chun-li is a 1/7 scale figure based from the illustration by renowned Japanese illustrator Shunya Yamashita.  She seems so huge compared to the other 1/7 scale figures I used to take pictures with (like Ryougi Shiki). Maybe it's because of her muscular built she does look chunky for that size. Well, who would expect for a street fighter to look lithe and dainty while kicking someone's ass right? LOL.

They were true to her costume details like the gold patterns on her chest, back and the linings of her skirt.

She stands on a basic circular stand with a special insert of Master Shunya Yamashita's artwork, where this figure is based on. It also comes with a basic Street Fighter logo insert that you can change it with.

I then took her outside for some fresh air. She still looks so good in ambient light. Just look at that face. The paint job on her face is superb in giving Chun-li a youthful, oriental look. I am totally loving her red cat-eye makeup and faint pink lips that matches her nail polish, which totally gives a feminine touch to an already brusque-looking lady fighter.

Call her thunder thighs, whatever, she doesn't mind. It's pretty evident that the second most striking feature on this figure is Chun-li's infamous thighs. No matter what costume she's in, the creators make it sure that her thighs will stay the same.

You could clearly see how muscular they are, glute muscles and all, Kotobukiya did a fine job in sculpting Chun-li's assets.

A cute little butterfly also wanted to be in the picture too!

If you're a Street Fighter fan, then getting Chun-li is a must. Her mid-kick pose is great for imitating some fight scenes with the other SF characters. I thought of using a game theme setting for her but since I suck at making dioramas, I just relied on some simple setup and my favorite place, the outdoors hahaha :)

Thanks again Kotobukiya PH for this figure! :)

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  1. Ah so cool that you captured a butterfly in that last shot!

    I prefer Cammy myself but I admit, I'm not good playing her -_- Looks like Koto is really amping up the muscles on their SF Bishoujos. All the Tekken girls look dainty but the Street Fighter ones are pretty beefed up.

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  3. Hi there! You are part of my reading list so I got you nominated for a Liebster Award. ^^