First Look: Figma Kaga - Kantai Collection

2:22 AM

I have this love/hate relationship with the weather lately. I love it when it rains in the morning but I hate it when it doesn't stop throughout the day. #(-_-) So much for my desires to do a sunny outdoor shoot which I totally miss. T-T I did try an outdoor shoot once with Mikasa, but the strong winds and the grey skies is too gloomy and I don't like that. XD

Anyway, toy photography doesn't pick its place. You must be prepared to shoot anytime, anywhere! It's all about skills and technique and creativity! Speaking for creativity, I was feeling crafty last week and did a mini diorama for this next figure I'm gonna shoot. I had fun making shoji windows out of cookie paper and barbeque sticks LOL! 

For today's figure shoot, I'll show you another WonFes item from Good Smile Company (thank you very much!), the pretty aircraft carrier of the seas, Max Factory's Figma Kaga!

She's a character from a popular browser game called Kantai Collection or KanColle to many fans and she comes from the First Carrier Division. She's an aircraft carrier, which explains that mini ship deck on her arm and ship mast on her quiver. 

I don't play KanColle though, but I'm lucky to have friends who's there to help me with this particular shoot! I got my ideas from them! Shoutout to Bige, John and James for being such nice human beings! XD

I made a really simple indoor shoot for her like she's sailing at nightime on an open sea lol. Or prolly just shooting something at sea!

The stoicness of her face is very likely to describe how she is in battle, calm and emotionless. She's the total opposite of her sister Akagi, who was cheery and perky. She always seem to look like she's concentrating on the next target.

Here's she is on strike mode...

Aha! It's Kaga vs. Wo-chan! An epic battle between two aircraft carriers! Woohoo! 
Who do you think will win?

Kaga looks so lithe and majestic in her Kanmusu. This is the pose that I thought would resemble her image in the game. Oh well, close enough. XD

I also like how you can easily make her stand in place without using the given stand + base in the package, which is great because I don't like seeing those plastic things on my photos anyway. XD

When Kaga isn't fighting alien planes at the open sea, she eats. Well not exactly a lot like Akagi though. Aww I wish I have her too. They look great together!

Kaga is eating ice cream! This is included in the package together with a special hand holding a cute tiny spoon. I bought the others on eBay. :)

Look at all those food! 

"I'm full, I can't finish all of these... Where's Akagi-chan?"

The tiny room I made suits just right for her! She looks so pretty here! 
Despite of all that battling at the seas with Wo-chan. XD They say she never, ever really smile and only Akagi-chan can make smile haha but this faceplate is such a nice addition for her. :)

Who are you waiting for, Kaga-san?

The admiral, perhaps?
*I didn't know Kaga was a busty character when I shot her at this angle. Well, I don't know about other busty Kancolle characters but her Kanmusu made it not look too obvious lol.*

There you have it! Figma Kaga by Max Factory! This is an exclusive item sold first at Summer Wonder Festival 2014, but you may still preoder until today to get the majestic Kaga! 

Hurry it may close soon! 

See you on my next  magazine shoot, I mean figure shoot with Figma Levi! Watch out for it! XD

PS: Here's my behind-the-scenes shoot with Figma Kaga! I used a lot of blue and green cellophane paper, spread it on the floor with two lamps on her sides. 

The white lamp is diffused with paper so the figure won't get too washed out, and the blue lamp is covered with a thin sheet of blue cellophane to give a faint blue glow on Kaga's left side. (It may not look like it on the photo but that's how I did the lighting for this set. I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^)

I also used a foam board to as a reflector. It's all about being resourceful haha! :)

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  1. Oh my god! That photo with Wo (spoiler: I bet that Wo is actually Akagi that's why she's eating all alone).