Figure Review: Ryougi Shiki 1/7 Scale by Good Smile Company

12:49 AM

Yes, this is a figure review blog post...and yes, this is my first time doing a figure review! I'll be reviewing Ryougi Shiki, a 1/7 scale figure from Good Smile Company. She's the protagonist of the action-drama-thriller anime, Kara no Kyokai or The Garden of Sinners.

A little background for Shiki: this mysterious, poker-faced girl has an ability to see death through her eyes and having born in a family of Demon Hunters, that ability comes in handy. She's also a bipolar too (LOL) and a traffic accident killed the mean male personality, thus leaving the original Shiki into a deep coma for a long time. She met pretty boy Kokuto Mikiya when she woke up two years ago after that fateful accident. 

Oh, BTW, This figure isn't mine. I just borrowed it from a friend (I don't have money to buy these figures T_T, donations please? LOL) whom in return, I promised that I'm going to deliver the most beautiful shots of Shiki the world has seen! HAHAHAHA! #feelingsoproud 

Good Smile Company did a great job on Shiki's figure. The slender Shiki looks so tall and graceful when photographed from the front angle. Her legs are shaped beautifully from the folds of her kimono.

Her pearly-pink (yeah, that's a lot of colors!) kimono is so intricately detailed, I really like the embossed oriental pattern on the chest and sleeves part. 

The foliage pattern on the left part of her chest is looks so dainty and beautiful, it's a striking contrast of yellow, tiffany blue and deep pink that pops out when she's being photographed at this angle. I like how GSC payed attention to this lovely detail.

The cerulean blue obi is also detailed as well, I like the floral pattern with splashes of orange, carnation blue and mustard yellow colors. 

Shiki delicately holds her katana on her right hand. It doesn't have a sheath unlike what Momohime has.

The base of the handle has a lovely detail too!

This is probably the only close-up photo of Shiki. She looks like Hotaru Tomoe from Sailormoon :P

She walks barefoot on a flat, plain, round base. You could see the raised points where you could anchor her in to place. This is something that I didn't like in this figure. GSC could've given her more, at least a Sakura-themed based perhaps?

If not in a simple battle stance, Shiki is best photographed on her backside. There's so much drama in that flowing hair and kimono. If you would notice already I don't have much close-ups of her face.  As a figure photographer, what I'm looking for is the drama and dynamism that I could create when I'm taking pictures of one certain figure.  

Like what I did on some pictures here, I thought I could bring her character to life if I shot her on location at a cemetery. Turns out that the cemetery I've been doesn't have crosses so I just made an awesome fanservice photo! Oh what a Bloody Shiki! :D

Hope you enjoyed my first ever figure review blogpost! Ohhh I wish I could still borrow more figures then take lovely photos in return! Here's two epic battle photos as a freebie!

Palmtop Tiger vs. Shiki

"Please spare me....T,T"

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  2. nice blog and photos! i saw your link in DPP.

  3. Awesome work! really inspiring~
    Can't wait to see more :P

  4. Thank you Adrian and Steamypot! I still got a lot of shots here in my backlog that's yet to be posted here, so watch out! ;)

  5. Great photos Scher! Galing!