My Dream Photoshoot with Momohime: Part 2

12:33 AM

I just knew the setting would be great for her. I've seen awesome toy photography where those pretty scale figs have this reflection on water and I've always wanted to recreate that scene. ALMOST. Hahahaha! I'm pretty confident I pulled that off for this set.

Shot in Anawangin Cove, Zambales, I didn't mind wallowing into the warm river just to put her into place. :)

This is my current desktop wallpaper. :)

A box art I made for the XBOX game. XD

I regret not thinking of putting splashes on her base at this shot!

I'm so grateful to Ryan and Det for this "Borrowed Happiness". In turn, I became true to my word that I created beautiful shots of Momohime (I'm still in a trance btw). Hope you love the photos! Thank you guys for making my dream come true hahaha! 

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  1. Dude, that's a cool location, a clean natural lake is something I don't have nearby.

    such lovely pictures again

    you are in my blogroll now =)