Nendoroid Halloween: Horror Stories

3:30 AM

Hi everyone! In a few hours, the world is going to celebrate halloween, and I'm gonna celebrate it by having a horror movie marathon hahahaha! But in the toy photography community, we welcome the spooky season with all sorts of creative photos in this theme! Last year, I got a chance to showcase Nendoroid Halloween Miku and even threw a Halloween party for my babies. This year, I decided to stay away from the flashy, elaborate setups for now and concentrate on what Halloween is all about: ALL THINGS SPOOOKY! 

My Nendoroids decided to come together for a little ghost story telling. For some reason, Mayoi is a bit scared to share her story...

Miku: Nee, Mayoi-chan tell us what happened the other night!
Mayoi: I really want to forget about it because it still scares me....

I was walking home alone late at night when I saw a black cat blocking the way...

Her eyes are so big and it keeps staring at me so I hurriedly walk past it.

To my horror, she kept on following me!

I walked as fast as I could, but I can still feel her big eyes staring at me as we walk down the dark street, it's as she wants to take me....

When I got enough courage to shoo her away, the cat is gone!!!

Miku-chan can't help but share what she saw...

I think I just saw a ghost the other day. What they say about ghost stories is true....

Ghosts really do scare the hell out of you when you finally see one yourself....

..and then it was Mako's turn to share her scary story...

I'll tell you something that happened the other night.

I was so tired from school so I slept early when I got back home

..then I felt the bed shaking! I woke up feeling a bit scared.

I thought it was just Maru-chan who's playing under the bed so I told her to stop but I was surprised he's staring at something under the bed....

When I got down to look at it myself.....there's a monster under my bed!
He stared at me with his big black eyes and said: "I know you're still awake..."
I hurriedly went back and covered myself but I can still see Maru-chan staring at the monster under the bed as if they're talking to each other....
Then, Heichou seems bored with the stories.,,

Levi: That's stupid. Want to hear a horror story in two words?
All: What?


Hahahahahahaha! For a clean freak like him, nothing is even scarier for Heichou than a messy kitchen! XD There goes the horror stories as told by Nendoroids! I've also asked everyone on my Facebook page to share something spooky, so here's what my fans shared for Halloween!
Photo by Sasseshichi -
"Whenever you walk alone late at night and feel like someone is following you... don't turn around"
Photo by ChobitsNendoroids
"Your worst nightmare could be right around the corner"
Photo by Lisa Emonts
Photo by Mei Ko
Nendoroid Halloween is nothing without the Halloween Miku of course!
Photo by Nick Sontag
Photo by: Christoforus Michael Wijaya

..and what do we have here, Queen Elsa in a Halloween costume, coz why not? :)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. Haha that is a scary post XD
    I liked your little story and the scenes, though it's not funny to have a monster under the bed ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )
    The picture from Lisa Emonts is nice, too.