How To Make a Nendoroid Scarf

2:39 AM

Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last post, and I've been really busy with normal stuff, I barely had enough time to update my blog! 

I went to Cebu last weekend, I got invited as a guest speaker to talk about toy photography at the Toys and Figures Convention (ToFiCon) and the experience is really amazing! 

I think I really light up when I'm talking about this wonderful hobby and I wasn't as nervous like my first time talking onstage last year at ArchCon2014. 

A little story about my whereabouts there, let's move to the quick tutorial! I'm gonna teach you how to create a tiny scarf for your Nendoroids! :) Scarves are a must-have fashion accessory for us especially this cold holiday season and I think getting something for our Nendoroids is a great idea! Hope you follow my easy step by step guide on how to create yours!

1. Prepare a piece of cloth that you like to use for the scarf, a ruler and scissors.

2. Cut a piece that measures 10in x 0.5in 

3. It should look like this. :)

4. To make the ends look fluffy, cut it into small pieces.

5. Wrapping it around your Nendoroid is very much the same as with a normal scarf, fold it in half making sure that the ends meet and...

6.  Wrap it around your Nendoroid's neck, just like Miku here

7. Pull the end of the scarf inside the opening on the other end

Yay! Miku is now all warmed up! :)

You can use any cloth you like, I used a soft felt cloth here and 10inches is enough to wrap it around her neck and it still allows me to tie a knot as well. :) Hope you make tiny scarves for your Nendoroids this holiday season! 

Share your photos with me on my Facebook page once you're done!

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