Kotobukiya 1/8 Hasegawa Kobato

8:02 AM

I used to say that I feel more comfortable taking photos of figures that I'm totally familiar with. Today's figure is an exception because there's so much to like about her, despite of my lack of knowledge about her whereabouts lol.

Today on my mini studio is Hasegawa Kobato, the cute little goth girl from the anime series, Boku Wa Tomodachi Sukunai. I've watched the first few episodes of the said anime and I'm familiar with Sena and Kodaka but not with Kobato. Though she's easily recognizable with her cute gothic lolita appearance and dual colored eyes from various figure photos that I've seen online, I was still ecstatic when Kotobukiya PH sent her over for a figure photoshoot. I also first saw her at Toycon 2014 (along with Chun-Li and Mayoi) and I grew a slight liking at how her figure was posed in a kinda playful way. 

In this 1/8 scale figure, Kobato-chan wears her usual black Gothic Lolita dress complete with black stockings and black lingerie peeking through her skirt.  She's being held in place by pegs on her knees while kneeling on this velvet cushion.

You can also remove her from her rather intricate chair and pose her in a different way. 

She got her stuffed rabbit doll with her as an accessory which can be removed so you could position it in other places near her. 

After removing her from her chair, I thought of posing her on a sheer cloth to give her that bedroom-like setting. She looked so sexy and her butt sticking out is kinda provoking LOL.

I like how the tips of her blond hair are translucent in color.

Just look at the sexy stare...

Even in close-up, Kobato-chan looks so adorable. Her eyes are definitely a looker, which I later found out has no significance in her personality, it's just red contact lens she put on for cosplaying her favorite character in her favorite anime. 

I like girly figures in lace, frills and skirts. Though this one's a little Goth for me, her subtle smile and that playful pose gives her that overall youthful look. She's something you'd like to have in your collection if you're a fan of the series. ;)

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  1. Good job on the pictures, the facial close up looks fantastic (。⌒∇⌒)。
    I also had the figure, but failed to get decent results and got frustrated *lol*

    1. Glad you like it Fabienne! I saw those too! What's there to get frustrate about? They're awesome! You knew better in lighting than I do, I get worried sometimes because I'm not too sure which lights to use LOL.

    2. Oh thx for the cheer up ;D
      Mine are probably not all that bad, like I see them, but the white balance out of place the pictures had a weird tint. I wasn't able to fix it with post processing, what got me angry. In the end I'm just not satisfied with the pictures. Well, at least it works better most of the time ^^

  2. Kobato is so pretty, I'm so bummed she sold out so quick when she went up for pre-order a while back. Although I do see her pop up for sale every so often by other collectors.

    I really like the photos with the pink background, that second photo looks so nice and soft.