Revoltech: Makinami Mari - Beast Mode

11:10 AM


Alrighhtt, just being a fangirl there XD. I just finished watching Evangelion 2.0 again and it inspired me to do a quick photoshoot of Mari in Beast mode. I did a quick research in comparing Mari's Revoltech and Figma's line and I'd say I'm happy I got Revoltech. The evil grin of her Beast Mode face is more epic than the Figma, which was screaming basically. If only Revoltech made an Eva cockpit just like what the Figma has, it would make me so happy. LOL.

I was also playing with light photography! I knew the atmosphere should be bloody, dark and but due to lack of red material to use as a softbox for my lamp, I used my pink bedroom lamp instead. For the light painting, I used christmas lights and swayed it around her while my camera was taking a long exposure shot.

My settings for the light painting shots are 10secs. F/16 ISO100. Trial and error, mostly. Swaying lights around the figure can be tricky, as I don't want to get a messy light party like those inside a disco. LOL. 

Like this one. HAHAHAHA! What the hell was I thinking? 

With this shot I used two sets of christmas lights which I alternately swayed in motion within the 10 seconds time frame of my camera. I 'm glad the swirly effect came in great but knowing that scene in Eva 2.0, there's not yellow streaks present there. So just think of this shot as a fan service. LOL.

I used to love light painting when I was still active in doing portrait photography, but I'm happy I'm still able to pull it off on toy photography this time. ^_^ 

Before I forget, let me just share this one shot that took me about an hour just to figure out if the pose was just right compared to Mari's picture on the left. Close enough, right? XD

And another thing, my first picture of Mari was among the finalists at Tokyo Otaku Mode's Halloween Contest 2013. I was actually surprised that it was included until my friends just tagged me on Facebook about it. Would you be so kind to help me win by clicking SUKI at the top right? Just follow the image below to direct you to my picture at TOM. Thanks a lot! 

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  1. Revoltech Mari definitely has the better crazy face. I actually think it's the only Mari figure that captures that side of her. The figma Mari doesn't really have the right expression, and all the scale figures look entirely too normal XD

    Only Revoltech Mari looks like she would bite at an AT Field with her teeth!

  2. Personally not a fan of Revoltech and their super large joints, but the way you captured her madness was awesome! Not to mention the clean job on concealing the large elbow joints on your photos. Teach me master.

    1. Thanks and I'm glad you liked it! :D