Mornings with Trafalgar Law

4:43 AM

It was half past six when the sun peeked through the sheer curtains of my cozy room. 
I can feel its warmth touching my legs. 
As I turned to my side, my face beamed with happiness when I saw you still sleeping soundly.

With your strong muscular back turned against me, I reached out to feel you once more and I couldn't help but remember the roughness the night before...How we shared what was seemingly the longest night of our lives that we both wished wouldn't end.

You must've felt that I've been feeling you again all for myself so you slowly turned in the sheets, exposing your glorious bare chest for me to see.

"God, I could touch this forever..."

I bit my lips as I thought to myself while holding the same smile I've been having since last night. You stared at me with your dark gray eyes and give out a smirk that tells me that you want more.

"Good morning..." 
You said in your deep voice that made my knees even weaker. 

I blushed as I looked at your perfectly chiseled face and just gave you a knowing smile. You smiled back and pulled me closer, up on top of you and asked me again:

"How was your sleep?"

I couldn't resist the view so slowly, I leaned forward and pressed myself on your chest to have a closer look at your handsome face. I told you to close your eyes...I moved closer to give you a kiss....

A kiss so warm the sun would be jealous.

Then I opened my eyes only to find.....

...white sheets.

I have been sleeping all by myself since last night. 
Everything was just a dream.

I got up and felt the warmth of the sunshine in my window. I'm still smiling though. The silly thought of me making love to you in a dream is making me blush. I'm putting my hopes up high that it will happen again. 

Tonight. ;)
I'm not really into creating fan fictions, but when I do, it's gonna be me and my Traffy-kun fantasies! XD

Sweet dreams~!

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  1. that's an interesting way to create a figure shooting, I'm impressed and have red ears,too (//∇//). He's not supposed to lie around, but it looks so convincing.
    He sure has a nice body and cool face ヾ(^∇^) Very Good pictures, maybe I'll try that someday. So I'm off to dumbbell training XD