Cozy Mornings with Nendoroid Hestia

10:58 AM

Hello again! I'm having fun using Slickforce Studios' softlights so I've put up another set of photos using these babies! Starring Nendoroid Hestia and Aoi, the two softlights are placed directly on the bedroom diorama that I just made.

Like I said on my previous post, I love how you can lower it down so it matches the height of your figures/diorama setup. So check out my bedroom set here using the softlights!

"NOOOOO! Get these glazed donuts away from me!"

"I can't have another cupcake, I'm on a diet!"

"Hey, I thought you said you'll be with me on this diet thing, but...a cheeseburger??"

Now if you're feeling a little dramatic (and experimental too!) you can try a cozy one light setup.

"OKAAAYYY I'm up!!"

"I hate Mondays!!!!"

"...but I like that I start each day with thoughts of you~"

Here's the lighting difference using one light and two light setup.

Two light setup: Has lots of light on the subject and diorama 

One light setup: gives you a cozy, roomy feel. So much drama! :)

Again, here's the lighting setup for this set in case you'd like to use this for reference.

That's all for today, I just built a new kitchen diorama with Tony here, so watch out for more photos using the softlights soon! ;)

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  1. I sympathize with Hestia 100% on waking up :D I also love that she has a tiny Danbo! Great job on these, glad you're enjoying the softlights!!