Mayoi Goes Places: Apo Reef

12:35 AM

It's been a while since Mayoi and I went to the beach so we're so thrilled to go back to Apo Reef with my travel buddies last weekend! It's one of my favorite places to pitch a tent and just chill. Also, the sunset at the beach is truly breathtaking...

Mayoi has been to many beaches with me already but each place has its own story. ^_^
Yes, that's a yacht over there!
She comes running at the shore and chasing waves again!
It's the perfect time to build sandcastles!

We're going on another trip this weekend! I can't tell yet, but it's gonna involved a lot of walking LOL. Anyway it's really fun to have a travel buddy with you! 

Hope you all had an equally awesome weekend! :)

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  1. Uhhh! Yeah, the tropical beach (´ ▽`).。o♡
    You took very nice pictures with Mayoi, the running picture is very expressive.
    Have you put a stick in her feet?