When Nature Calls, Hachikuji Goes

11:24 AM

It has been a really busy week lately and I haven't even get to update my page as much as I usually do. Good thing I got my sweet escape (finally!) last weekend and went up to the mountains again with my beloved travel buddy, Mayoi Hachikuji. 

We went hiking in Mt. Maculot this time, it's a beautiful place to get close to nature's call. If this view doesn't take your breath away, I don't know what does!

Hachikuji enjoying the view on top of the Rockies. This is a composite photo, no tricks whatsoever.

Would you like to go hiking with me? :)

If I'm not at the beach, I usually go hiking up the mountains to see scenic views like this, and Mayoi gets to see it too of course! She's been so well traveled lately, I'm already compiling all her adventures to put in one blog post, I'm sure it's gonna be a lot so watch out for it! ;)

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  1. You have access to such great scenery! It's a great fit for a wanderer like Hachikuji.

    1. Thanks Tian! Yes, I do travel once or twice a week for a great escape from the daily grind. She's such a well-behaved travel buddy indeed ^_^

  2. Ain`t no mountain high enough ;D Is it a difficult hiking path?
    That`s looks quite awesome, I also enjoy to be in the nature from time to time ^^
    The shot on the cliff is really exciting, but I like the last on the most.