First Look: Nendoroid Levi Cleaning Version

8:14 PM

Kyaaaa~ It's Levi Heichou!

Imagine my joy when the good guys at Good Smile Company sent me this figure! Thank you very, very much! *wipes tears* I was super thrilled when Mamitan of GSC contacted me personally, it's the happiest day of my hobby life to finally do figure photography from my favorite toy company! ^_^

The clean freak leader of the Special Operations Squad is now again a puny Nendoroid in this exclusive version, sold first at the upcoming Anime Expo 2014 in LA.

To everyone who's been a fan of the series (like I do!) knows Levi as the strongest soldier in the Survey Corps and prolly got their hands on the first Nendoroid release. However, fans of the series also requested a "cleaning version" of him and since GSC loves their fans so much, they listened and finally here he is!

My first observations on this Nendoroid is that his leg joints are completely different from the rest, or maybe since I do not have much Nendoroids this is the first one I've seen. It's similar to a Nendoroid Petit's head, allowing more movement to his legs. I find it a bit wobbly at first but it's very useful if you like to sit your Nendoroids everywhere, just like what I did on the first photo. :)

Also, Levi's box is really small compared to the other Nendoroids. It's such a space saver indeed LOL.

Okay so now with the photos! BTW, these photos were featured first on the Good Smile Company English's fanpage and I'm super happy that everyone loved it!

Levi comes with 2 faceplates, a disgruntled one and an angry version. He also comes with other accessories like a mop, broom and two handkerchiefs.


"What are you staring at? Go back to cleaning!"

I love that pink mop. It's so me. :3

GSC also added a bonus cardboard backdrop similar to the castle walls as seen in the episode. Just take a vinyl tile or position it on a stone surface and you can finally recreate the feel that you're cleaning the castle with Levi! :D

The best part is, the window is a cut-out so you can make that famous scene in Nendoroid version!

Ahhh he's so cute!!! <3 p="">

Levi's pre-order will start right after Anime Expo, so that's great news to those who won't be able to come to the said event. I wish I had an Eren Nendoroid too, they'll be like my cleaning team who will take care of my chores at home. I can relate to Levi when it comes to cleanliness, I'm sort of a neat-freak myself. :P

Here's some bonus pictures from this set:

I didn't know Levi loves dogs LOL.

He probably has no idea what he's up to. LOL. But he's a super duper cute bunny!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the first look at this exclusive Nendoroid Levi Cleaning version! Special thanks again to Mamitan, who has also made a preview of this Nendoroid! :D I shall post more of him on my next blog! :D

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  1. Oh he's really cool, that Levi with the big head.
    I like that he looks more manly and gloomy compared to other Nendoroids.
    Nevertheless he's still a cute moveable figure ^_^
    The pose with entwined arms is really awesome, like a cleaning ninja ^^

  2. Great shots! He does not look happy to be in that bunny outfit lol

    It's totally awesome that you could get a preview sample of this. I won't be able to get one from AX, so I'll definitely be looking forward to more pics from you!