Nendoroid Valentines: How To Make Honmei Choco

6:07 AM

It's 2 days to go and it's already Valentines Day~ It's the sweetest time of the year for all couples and today's post is about how to create honmei choco! In Japan, Honmei choco means true feelings chocolate and it's given by girls on Valentine's Day to men whom they have romantic feelings for. :)

Sawako-chan here teaches us her recipe (though she was never really able to give it to him T_T) I can still remember that episode though... but it's okay, since she still happy to make it for us! 

Making honmei choco is really easy, you can even make it on a rice cooker. So to start, all you need are the following ingredients:

Chocolate pieces, mixing bowl, rice cooker with water, chocolate mould
Step 1: Put the chocolate pieces in a mixing bowl and put it on top a rice cooker filled with water. Put on lowest setting.
Make sure that the bowl is large enough to fit on top of the rice cooker's pot.
Do not cover it or else the moisture will go on the chocolate mixture.
Step 2: Keep stirring until the chocolate melts. Enjoy the fresh smell of melted chocolate~
Step 3: Carefully pour in the melted chocolate into the mould. 
Slowly but surely now, it's okay to make mess at this point. :)
Step 4: Once everything's poured in, put it inside the fridge to chill for about 3 hours.
It's not ready yet, Maru-chan!
*after 3 hours*
Tada~ Our honmei choco is now ready!!!
Sorry Maru-chan, you can't have one!
I wonder if I should give this to Kazehaya-kun this time?

There you have it! A really simple instructions how to make honmei choco, Nendoroid version!  Feel free to dress up your chocolates once it's chilled. You can put caramel, sprinkles and nuts. If you want to make colored chocolates, you need to find the same one too and just repeat the process. :)

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day! ^_^

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  1. Gahhhhh!!!!!! I died from the cuteness <3