Figma Snow Miku 2016: Snow Owl Ver

6:02 AM

Hey everyone! How's Valentine's Day? :D I hope you had a good one, as for me I celebrated Valentine's Day with Deadpool! XD He's super funny, looking forward to the movie sequel! So today, I'm really excited to show you the much awaited figure photos of figma Snow Miku 2016: Snow Owl Ver.! Teaser photos were already posted by Mamitan on her Twitter hahaha and YES! I'm definitely making postcards so watch out for it when I post it on my store! :)
Anyway, apologies for being a bit late in the photos, these should've been posted days before Winter Wonfes 2016 (as usual) but I went out on vacation that weekend so figure photos came in too late. I'm making up for it by creating special shoot for this awesome figure, something that I havent' done before in my hobby life -- shooting figure photos in a professional studio!
Check out my setup!
My friend graciously offered her studio just for this shoot, it's a production studio complete with strobes, props and all that stuff so I basically got what I need for this photoshoot! It's not my first time doing an indoor shoot, but having all those fancy yet complicated light setups around me feels really overwhelming. I was challenged to do my best for this shoot -- hey it's for Snow Miku afterall! ^_^

First up, I posted an unboxing video on my Youtube channel here so you could see what the box looks like and the contents as well. Check it out here!

Let's move forward to the figure photos!

I gladly welcome Snow Miku 2016: Snow Owl ver. for today's shoot! She's looks really awesome! Probably the sportiest Snow Miku figure to date -- she definitely represents the sporty snow theme for this year, all thanks to Kotatsu Otogi-san's winning design.

Miku-chan comes with 3 facial expressions: A wide smile perfect for photo ops, a playful wink smile and a somewhat mischievous grin -- which I like the most. :D
Various accessories are included like her removable yellow snow googles,  an extra hair part that has the snow goggles attached, extra scarf, musical note ski poles, a pair of skis and a snow board.
Here's what she looks from the back.
I was surpised that her twintails are attached to her cap, so I can't display her without her hat on, or either I can't use the hat on any one else LOL.
Of course who would forget about lovable Yukine! He comes with tiny skis so she can glide on the snow with Miku-chan!

Now on to action photos! WOOHOO!
Aim high!
With figma's poseable ability, posing her on a snowboard is so much fun, what more if you put her on a slope and she goes all the way downhill on skis!
Coming through!
Whoops! Down she goes all the way for a cute photo op!
Kyaaa~ She's so cute!
The pre-order just closed yesterday so I hope you were able to get her! I swear you need to build a mini snow mountain and put her in action just like this! 
Lucky are those who live where it snows, they can just easily create a slope for Snow Miku. As for me, I used salt, lots of salt for this shoot because it looks the closest to the real thing! ;)

Next up is Nendoroid Snow Miku 2016: Snow Owl Ver.
Cute Snow Owl, coming through!
See you on my next post! ;)

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  1. Wow, a full studio is definitely something else ;D
    I'm always using small narrow rooms lol.

    This Miku looks super sporty, I like her tongue out face the most.

    1. Yeah! Shooting in a professional studio is really something! I need to be more prepared if ever I get to shoot in that place again! :)