Nendoroid Snow Miku 2016: Snow Owl Ver.

10:01 AM

I'm kinda excited for this coming weekend because I'm going back to explore nature once more with my travel buddy! I'm gonna hike another mountain! XD I've climbed 10 mountains in the past and it's been like, 6 months since my last hiking activity so I'm pretty stoked!
So speaking about mountains, here's someone I placed on top of a mountain to have fun with--a mountain of snow that is! I bet you're also waiting for her photos so thank you for waiting this long! XD I'm happy to show you my photos of Nendoroid Snow Miku 2016: Snow Owl Ver.!

I have also made an unboxing video on my Youtube Channel here:
Her accessories are the same with figma Snow Miku: 3 faceplates, musical keynote ski poles, a pair of skiis, a snowboard and an extra scarf.
Rabbit Yukine is also included with his own tiny skis. 
All that except from the one thing that's really special: her snow owl hat! 
When the teaser photos of this year's Snow Miku has been revealed, we were all surprised about this unique accessory that has never been done on a Nendoroid: a hat made of real cloth material! GSC just scored major points for this accessory by faithfully following the winning design's theme with a very unique touch!
The hat is made of felt and knit material, while the owl's eyes are made of wodden buttons. Since this is made of cloth, it will get dirty that easily only if you touch it with dirty hands! But you don't need to worry because it's washable of course.

Now check out the action photos! :)
This is the first time I got a moveable/bendable Nendoroid so I'm still getting a hang of posing Miku for this shoot, but I'm surprised it's very easy to move her arms and legs at all. I feel it's very necessary to add moveable joints for this Nendoroid so you could recreate action poses using her snowboard and skiis just like this!
Winter sports isn't complete without a snowboard, with her super moveable joints you can freely pose Miku-chan in anyway you want to come up with your own style how you'd like her to play in the snow!
I'm also lucky to get this Nendoroid in my collection, my Snow Miku Sisters are growing! Here she is with Snow Miku 2014, and Snow Miku 2015.
Look! She's sneaking in to throw a snowball at her sister!
Also here's my favorite FP just like in her Figma: a wide grin smile that makes her look mischievous and playful!
I hope you get yours soon! She's super fun to play with, just set up loads of salt/powder to make a snow playground diorama and make her play with her snow sisters if you have them too! :)

Now this ends my review for this year's Winter Wonfes 2016 GSC exclusive items! I hope you all like them as much as I did when I'm taking photos! I'm super thankful at the good guys at Good Smile Company for trusting me to take figure photos, especially to Mamitan who has always been amazing and supportive of my work! Thank you so much!

I look forward to see your Snow Miku 2016 photos soon!

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