First Look: Nendoroid Elsa

8:45 AM

"The cold never bothered me anyway..." Oh I am super excited for today's blog post as she is one of the most anticipated Nendoroid from last year! I still remember how excited I was when I found out on Twitter first, it was Summer WonFes 2014 when she was announced and those who are at the con were super lucky to catch a glimpse of her prototype!

A year ago, GSC shared this teaser at Summer Wonfes last year on Twitter and everyone got really excited, including me!!!

Now here she is! Say hello to the Queen of Arendelle, Nendoroid Elsa! It's amazing that GSC will ever be fond of making Disney characters as Nendoroids, and it's been quite a while too! (they made a Nendoroid Mickey and Minnie) At that time when Nendoroid Elsa was announced, the Frozen hype is still high so it's very timely that they're making a Nendoroid version of her, so why not? :D

Nendoroid Elsa comes with a free background that you can use for your figure photos. It's a pretty view of her kingdom, Arendelle so she looks really at home! 

You shouldn't ignore these backdrops or else GSC will stop making them for us. LOL jk. 

The blister pack comes with the figure, 2 additional faceplates, extra arms, a snowflake part, Olaf and a special base. No stand included since this nendoroid can stand on her own, thanks to her extended cape.

The base is quite big and it has Elsa's trademark snowflake emblem on it which makes it really special. 

You'd never see the Queen of Arendelle as cute as this and we have to thank GSC for that. From the brushed up hair to her dress, they really did well in making a chibified version of Elsa! Dressed in her most popular outfit, the glittered top and the gradient on her skirt looks really great and the faded shading is visible in any lighting. 

My most favorite part of her dress is her semi-transparent cape, it's also glittery and the print of her emblem is a nice touch.

A slit on her skirt shows her tiny detailed blue pumps. 

She comes with 3 faceplates: a half smiling face, which looks really cute and charming!

A singing faceplate, so you could recreate that famous scene where's she's singing the movie's theme song at her ice castle! 

I was humming while doing the shoot though. That's one of the effects figure photography's giving me, you'll get so drawn to the figure while doing the shoot. If you know what I mean. XD

..and my most favorite, her trademark smirking face! I'm so happy they made justice to Elsa's iconic face!

They added a tiny snowflake accessory to put on her hand for fans to recreate her most popular look! 

Olaf, the snowman who wants warm hugs is also included! Hey Olaf, how's th... oh..

"WHERE'S MY NOSE?! I've always wanted a nose!"

"QUEEN ELSA, HELP!!! Can you make me a new nose? PLEASE!"

"You mean this?" *zap*

"THANK YOU! Thank you my queen! Doesn't look like a teeny baby unicorn, but it looks better now......oh hello there!

Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!

They look good together side by side, she's the one who created Olaf after all. ;)

A little something for you here, here's a cellphone wallpaper of Nendoroid Elsa for you!

I also made a short post processing video of how I created this photo! Check it out here!

Whether you're a fan of Frozen or not, Nendoroid Elsa is a definite must have in your collection! Just look at these photos! 

Photo by Sri Gitalia

Photo by Sandra Luna

Photo by Jose Lira

Photo by Action Reviews

Photo by Frantic Fern

Photo by Breanna Hill

My good buddies shared their photos of Nendoroid Elsa on my page the other day, I'm so happy seeing your lovely figure photography! Thank you all so much for sharing! *hugs*

See you on my next post!


P.S. Birthday Cat likes Elsa too! XD

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  1. As always, nice photos. I love your setup. :)

  2. That little lady looks rather different then regular Nendoroids, nt in a bad way, of course.
    I like her cute expressions and dramatic make up and the hair looks beautiful (*´▽`*)
    Your pic are so nice and it's cool that you've added pictures of others here ;)