Feeling Crafty: Bedroom Series

8:31 AM

On my next #feelingcrafty series, is a DIY Nendoroid bedroom set! I made this last month and you have no idea how hard it is to set up! It took me an hour to put those mniatures in place haha! The details are super important to create a realistic miniature bedroom so I have to be picky with what to put in here. Since I'm a big Trafalgar Law fan, this bedroom is made for him lol, seems to have everything from posters, to scale figures and even a plush toy! XD

Let's see how the Hatsune sisters bond in their cozy little room.

Say hello to Halloween Miku, Sakura Miku, Snowbell Miku and Magical Snow Miku! I didn't know I'd have this much Miku's in my life! XD

Sassy Halloween Miku-chan wants you to come closer~

Oh it's milk, tea and cookies for tonight and Miku-chan looks like she can't get enough!


Hmmm I wonder what the girls are up to.......

Sakura Miku: "Oh look, Lunar Miku nee-san just got a spotlight at Kahotan's blog!"
Magical Snow Miku: "Oooohhh Nee-san looks beautiful!" 

Snow Bell Miku: "She looks like me hahaha!"
Magical Snow Miku: "No way, she got better style than you!"
Halloween Miku: "Okay dibs on her mooncake!"

Being girls as they are, they always have that typical girl talk at their room.

Halloween Miku: "Kyaaaa~ SENPAI NOTICED ME!"
Sakura Miku: "........"
Snow Bell Miku: "Wow what did he say??"

Halloween Miku: "..then he was like, "Hi Miku-chan!" Kyaaaaaaa~ I'm so happyyyy!"
Sakura Miku: "...."

Halloween Miku: "SENPAI KNOWS MY NAME!! Kyaaaaa~ XD"
Magical Snow Miku: "Ehhh? I don't believe you!"
Snow Bell Miku: "Hahahahaha you look silly, nee-chan!"
Sakura Miku: "...."

Catching up on their favorite manga before going to sleep!

..and now they're off to dreamland~

The next day...

Good morning, Miku-chan~

You like some cookies, Kitty-chan?

Miku got a new playmate! I think they're having a tea party! :)

So cute! <3 font="">

Another set of bedroom was a DIY kit I bought from my friend. Unlike the first bedroom, this one is pretty handy because all parts are readily available, you just need to build it from scratch! You just need to be diligent to create your own bedroom for your nendoroids you know ;)

Let's play fetch!

Sleeping like an angel~

Miku-chan looks happy! I wonder if she saw senpai on her dream?

Mako-chan: "Look Guts, I just ordered another Trafalgar Law figure!"

HAHAHAHAHA I'm in Trafalgar Law figure heaven! XD

Oh before I forgot, here's a photo of all of us after the happiest event of the year. I'm 100% sure you can all relate to this hahaha

Hope you all like my bedroom series! I look forward to see how you build your sets! Maybe you can post it on my fanpage so I could check how creative everyone is!

See you all next time! ;)


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  1. Woah, there are so many details in this little room, I'm impressed (should I build a room for Mirai... hell, she's too big XD)
    The Miku sisters are as cheerful and energetic as ever, you captured that very well.
    Magical Snow Miku really shines in your pictures (´∀`)♡

    Is the vanilla light color intentional? It looks appealing.

    1. Oh wow you noticed! Yeah, I used warm lighting for this set, just diffused it with paper and thanks! I'm glad you find it appealing! It's quite hard to tone the warmth down a bit XD

      Yes! You should definitely try making sets like these, it's quite taxing but it's really worth it because you can reuse it and just arrange the furniture for a bit haha :D