Grandline Children: Trafalgar Law

8:06 AM

I've just seen the latest episode of One Piece lately and it's about my Law's history which is rather sad, due to his painful struggles as a kid. T_T After watching, I got inspired that afternoon so I took one of my latest Trafalgar Law figures outside for a quick shoot. :)

I bought this figure at a really good deal and since I'm building a Law shrine, having this Grandline Children: Trafalgar Law figure is a must have. It's one of it's kind and I don't think there's any kid Law figures out there that has the same outfit.

The figure was based on his child image shown in the manga but when episode 701 was aired, I was surprised the colors are different.

Law and his classmates.

I was expecting the blue school uniform but then again how many times did this anime fail to follow the manga lol. 

I made him wear a tiny randoseru to complete that cute school boy look. ;)

""His sadness fades into the distance as he lives with the life he's given..."

I still look forward to the series on how they're going to develop Law's character after Dressrosa arc. I wish he could join the Strawhats though! Two doctors in one ship isn't a bad idea at all! XD


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  1. Where did you buy this i soo fan of law bae

    -philippine pipz here thanks

  2. I haven't started One Piece yet, I just finished Naruto and that was a long journey stuffed into two months T.T But I really enjoy your photos of Trafalgar Law, so I might pick up the series soon. Should I start with the manga or anime?

    I look forward to seeing more trips with Trafalgar as your traveling companion!