First Look: Nendoroid Fight Club Mankanshoku Mako

10:16 AM

You know that saying, "good things comes to those who wait" is perfectly true for my new figure review. :) Today, I'm showing you the first look photos of Nendoroid Mankanshoku Mako: Fight Club Ver.! I  waited for 2 weeks for her to arrive (our customs office held her for 2 weeks without notifying me!) I even lost my chance of posting a review for her just in time she goes on sale during Summer WonFes 2015. 

Anyway, she's really worth the wait, not only because she's a Summer WonFes exclusive, Mako's is really adorable in this character! I first saw some custom fanmade Nendoroid Fight Club Mako at MFC and GSC, being really good as always, listed to their fans once more and surprised us with this badass Nendoroid!

Fight Club President Mako is such a badass character, chibified into a Nendoroid! I even watched Episode 7 of Kill la Kill again to see her badass moves and thought of recreating some for figure photography! :) Good thing I have Nendoroid Ryuko so recreating fight scenes and such became so much fun. :D

I created tiny Fight Club Flaglets for her stance right after she transforms wearing her Two-Star Goku Uniform given to her by Lady Satsuki. 

She got extra hands to complete her signature Fight Club President pose.

Another extra set of folded arms for that badass stance.

They included a bunch of accessories for her to complete her look! Each accessory has been given a lot of detail to bring that similarity from the anime into Nendoroid form.

Her tiny Mako knuckle ring is so cute!

That spiked bat looks deadly.

Her Geta shoes looks really cute too! 

I once thought that her primary FP comes with a tiny reed, turns out it's detachable and it's so tiny, please be careful not to lose it lol.

Her Futatsuboshi is reall has small hinges so you can spread it out to reveal some of her golden weapons. You could remember her throwing these stuff at Ryuko-chan while they're fighting XD. They're not detachable though.

She comes with a waterfall of tears accessory, you just need to place it infront of her eyes and you could recreate that scene at episode 24. :)

Now Mako sees Ryuko who just resigned from the Fight Club!

"Ryuko-chan, prepare yourself!"

"I'm gonna protect the lifestyle that puts a twinkle in everyone's eye! I can't quit when we're finally living in luxury! I can't go back to being poor!"

Another accessory is a teardrop piece that can be attached to her neck, and you could recreate that crying scene in the episode.

I thought our family was glowing, but we really weren't..

I'm sorry Ryuko-chan..

The crying faceplate is so cute, I wanna pinch those cheeks! 

I hope you enjoyed this set, and also to those who preordered Fight Club Mako during Summer Wonfes 2015, you won't regret having her in your Kill la Kill Nendoroid collection! ;) Special thanks to Mamitan and the awesome guys at Good Smile Company for sending her over for toy photography! :)

See you on my next post!

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  1. Yay! Fight Club Mako!! The lighting & setting you've made for her make her look really tough :D Love the little flags you've made as well, I'm happy that you were able to get your hands on her!

    1. Yeah!! I'm super happy I got her in time! I actually retook the shots because outdoor photos doesn't go well with her so I just used the same setup I did for Ryuko & Satsuki in her color theme this time ^_^

  2. Oh haha a tough Nendoroid,
    I was actually sad when they took the uniform away from Mako in the anime XD

    Her Nendoroid is awesome! I definetely like the shouting face and bat.
    It's also a great setting.

    So you also has to deal with customs when receiving "the good stuff"?