Sailor Moon Shining Moon Powder

5:20 PM

I've been stalking Premium Bandai website ever since they launched these fancy cosmetics from the Creer Beute line. I thought I should have at least one, being a full-grown adult as I am, I feel it's not too shameful to still like the classic anime that has been a part of my childhood. I didn't have much Sailor Moon toys when I was still a kid, so now that I'm an proud adult Sailor Moon fan, I now have disposable money to put on for fancy stuff like this hahaha.

I finally got my Sailor Moon Shining Moon Powder from Hubbyte Toy Store. They ordered this for me from the Premium Bandai website! It's so real, just like Sailor Moon's brooch and it's really girly! Now I can finally look like her hahahaha!

It looks so perfect! The detail is so amazing! I would really want everyone to see how fancy my new compact powder is!

I missed the first version (white powder) so I'm lucky I got the Premium Version, the color of the powder has a shade closer to my current compact powder.

Now I'm thinking if I'm gonna get their Cosmic Heart Cheek too! I need a fancy blush in my life! <3 p="">

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  1. Wow!! It really is pretty! What lens did you use to shoot these? The bokeh on them is incredible. (╯✧∇✧)╯

    1. Yes indeed! It's such a head turner lol XD I used 50mm 1.8 lens :)