First Look: Travelling with Miu

10:22 PM

I just got my newest Nendoroid as a gift from my lovely friend, Valixira  and I loved it instantly because she looks so cute and she's kinda like me--she looks like she likes to go places!

Meet Miu Takanashi!
I like her luggage accessory a lot, I think I found another spirit nendoroid that likes to travel like me LOL. So let's see here how Miu prepares for a trip!

Hello, I would like to confirm my flight details please?
Miu makes sure she gets her itinerary all prepared! Having an itinerary for your trip is extremely helpful so you wouldn't miss any key places. However, some people doesn't follow any itinerary, so they just go with the flow whenever they're on a trip. It's all a matter of preference!

Uhh... I wanna bring Umaru, so where should I put this.....
Miu-chan, just bring all your necessities! XD
I'm guilty of this because I suck at preparing all things to pack for a trip, so whenever I travel, I tend to bring more stuff than usual! Try to list down the important stuff you'll bring like....

...Comfy clothes that will last throughout the trip.

... and don't forget a travel buddy!

See? Miu has narrowed down all the things she's going to bring!

..and the most important thing to bring... A CAMERA!
It's always good to bring a camera on a trip to capture all the fun memories you'll have. I always bring mine with me so I would never miss a shot of let's say, a great sunset, picturesque beach...or anything that I'd always want to remember during my trip!

SAY CHEESE! *clicks*

Miu's now ready to go places!

Have fun on your trip, Miu-chan!

Hope you like this set! Oh just looking at the upcoming figures I have for this month, I'm happy to say it's gonna be a really BUSY February! ^_^ I'll be on vacation with Mayoi-chan (of course!) this weekend so when we come back, I'll go and start working on those figure photos/First Look features one by one! I'm very, very excited I tell you! XD

PS. Thank you all so much for your support on my very first photobook! I just finished sending all orders last month and I'm pretty happy some are getting their copies that fast which is really, really great! So now I know how processing of international orders is like, so I guess I'll be more efficient next time! Thanks so much for your patience everyone!

See you on my next post! 

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  1. That's a lovely Nendoroid, I also know her anime character, she's cute and michievous (*^v^*). In general I haven't seen Miu Nendotoid around that often, nice that you've made her shine through your pictures. The set looks extremely nice and convincing, lovely!

    1. Thanks love! Though I'm not too familiar with her character, she's too cute! I like her colors too and she looks very much like a traveller like me haha XD