Love, Pinkcheeks at OzineFest 2015

10:00 AM

Last December was a really amazing month for my hobby life. My very first photobook, My Tiny Toy Photography Book Vol.1 was published and then also, this month I got invited twice to become a guest speaker for toy photography!

This post is about my experience participating at one of the major anime conventions here in our country, OzineFest 2015. It all started with a quick chat with Ozine's editor who reached out to me about getting featured in the magazine, then weeks later he messaged me again to ask if I'm interested in having a talk about toy photography at OzineFest.

I said yes, why not haha, all for toy photography so I'm in! It's also very fitting because the theme of the event is all about anime figures in general, so a seminar about the basics of getting started in toy photography is much needed! ;)  This wasn't my first time getting invited to speak to a large crowd (I was a guest speaker for ArchCon and ToFiCon too!) so everything's going to be all right I guess. :) Oh, I also became part of the sponsors for this event too because I provided photos for the event materials like posters, flyers, tickets and even event IDs. I was there for two days of OzineFest. :)

AAHHH #lovepinkcheeks everywhere!!

On the first day, I arrived early and as a guest, they provided me with my own table so I could sell some of my stuff there. It's my first time having a booth for myself so I layed down all of my wares and even put up a small banner behind me. My friend, Samay was with me that day and she helped me setup everything to even assisting me with sales lol.

Love,Pinkcheeks is here!! Check out my banner LOL

On my table I have photocards, posters, mini nendoroid boxes and extra copies of my photobook for sale. I even met some of my fans there whom I had a chitchat with and some funny because they thought I'm a guy. XD

Then it's time for my talk! That's me on stage, just talking about how wonderful toy photography is. I got nervous at first because the crowd here is much larger than ArchCon and ToFiCon combined! :)

That huge crowd. o_O

My seminar was all about my experience as a toy photographer and the basics of toy photography. I get to talk about stuff like light setups and common camera settings that I use for my photos. I also answered a few questions from the audience too! 

When my talk was finished, Bryan handed me the 100th issue of OtakuZine which I'm featured in! It's super cool!

Look ma, it's my first magazine feature! :D
I was about to leave when I got invited to participate as a guest judge for the event's cosplay competition! I just said yes! Haha So many activities in a weekend, so much fun! XD 

That's Sonic & Saitama battling on stage.

One Punch Man Cast! *I'm rooting for Genos lol*

It's my first time judging a contest and wow, it's kinda hard to judge them overall because I don't get much time, the time to judge them while catwalking on the stage is too short! Or either I'm too engrossed at their performance!

Overall, OzineFest is a really great event and I'm super duper happy I get to experience it in all levels upclose: as a hobbyist, an exhibitor, a guest, and a sponsor as well! A big shoutout to the staff of Ozine especially to Bryan for making this happen! ^_^

Thank you so much for the awesome experience!

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