Hobby Highlights of 2015

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Ah, a year has gone by and a lot has happened to me in 2015! Today is officially new year, 2016 and I'm going to look back at how awesome the past year was for my wonderful hobby! Here's a wrap up of the highlights of my 2015 including the few figures that I reviewed and some milestones as well.

Just launched my new home this year, www.lovepinkcheeks.com and also reviewed 2013's most anticipated Nendoroid, Kinomoto Sakura! I went out of my way to prepare for her shoot by creating a miniature Sakura Tree (which I really never do!) because Sakura isn't complete without it of course!

Woohoo! I've reached another milestone this month by taking figure photos again for Good Smile Company! They sent in Figma & Nendoroid Snow Bell Miku for toy photography! I love working with GSC and I look forward to take more photos for my favorite toy company again!

Another achievement unlocked! A figure review for another toy company -- it's Kotobukiya US this time! They sent me DC Comics - Bishoujo Batwoman for toy photography and figure review as well! Photos are uploaded on their offical Facebook Fanpage!

Photos of my husbando, Trafalgar Law graced the pages of my blog! It should be celebrated because he's my first bishie scale figure, I've never had any photos of guys on my blog and I love him so much haha http://www.lovepinkcheeks.com/2015/04/trafalgar-law-in-one-light.html

Got the pinkiest Miku Nendoroid ever, Nendoroid Sakura Miku: Bloomed in Japan Ver. and she's really special too because she's the 500th Nendoroid! I'm so happy to have her on my collection! 

One of the most awaited Nendoroid at Summer WonFes2014 was added to my collection! Nendoroid Elsa looks really perfect! http://www.lovepinkcheeks.com/2015/07/first-look-nendoroid-elsa.html

Reviewed one of Summer WonFes2015 exclusive items (prolly one of the most badass Nendoroids of all time!) Nendoroid Mankanshoku Mako Fight Club version! http://www.lovepinkcheeks.com/2015/08/first-look-nendoroid-fight-club-mako.html

Got my first Ichiban Kuji Trafalgar Law figure (that took me a while to find!) I like the quality of this line so I'm looking forward to get more of his figure this year! http://www.lovepinkcheeks.com/2015/09/ichiban-kuji-trafalgar-law.html

I just launched my very first toy photography book! I poured all my heart into compiling this book full of my best works all throughout my years in this wonderful hobby. :) It's kinda fun to see and hold and bring my works with me all the time so I get to inspire myself with my works or if someone asks me what's my hobby, I just get to show it off! :)

I was overwhelmed at the response when I announced it on my page and it was sold out on the first week that I launched it! I'm ready to ship them all out this month, so hopefully everyone who ordered gets their copy by first week of February! :)

A lot has happened this month! First, my Facebook page just hit 5,000 likes! I truly appreciate everyone's support, all those likes and shares and comments, I read them all and it makes me happy to see you're taking time visiting my page. 

Next, I got invited to become a guest speaker for toy photography at Toys & Figures Convention (ToFiCon) in Cebu! (It's my second time here, first was at ArchCon 2014). It's Cebu's first ever convention dedicated to toys and figures and I'm happy to be part of the event! Special thanks to my awesome friends at Visayas Anime & Figure Collectors and to the ToFiCon staff for the invite!

Then lastly, the following week, I just had my first seminar here in Manila at OzineFest where I am invited again as a guest speaker for toy photography! :D I was thrilled at the experience of talking about my beloved hobby at one of the biggest anime conventions here in our country! I get to talk about the basics of toy photography and how to get started for all the newbies who want to try it out! :)

...and that's a wrap for my 2015! I always thank God for the blessings that I receive and also to my family, fans and friends for their heartfelt support. :) I look forward to brighter, bigger things in 2016 and I still dream big, you know! How big? Like I want teach about toy photography at an international convention or even meet Mamitan or the guys at GSC in person! Or something really wild like, seeing my works become box art photos! XD Never lose your passion for your work and always remember that toy photography is <3 .="" p="">

Have an awesome 2016 to everyone! :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful 2015! It was really nice to meet you in person at ToFiCon. And finally bought some signed prints. Hope you could visit Cebu again. Wishing you a fruitful year ahead!

  2. Indeed, 2015 was a very good year. Thank you for sharing your figure photography and for inspiring me!
    Let's continue with good stuff in 2016! :)