Konata Goes To the Beach

4:51 AM

Hello everyone! How's the weather in your country? Ours has turned into rainy season just last month and I had barely enough time to go shoot outdoors. This new post was a set of long overdue photos from my trip 2 months ago and  Kona Kona is already slightly mad at me for not showing this to the world haha.

I finally took Nendoroid Petit Izumi Konata to the beach last summer! She's my first ever Nendoroid Petit and I have taken her to some indoor photoshoots before, she was even featured at the Good Smile Company website! Our last beach trip happened last May in Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte and the beach there is so beautiful, the setting is absolutely perfect for little Kona-chan. :)

Calaguas Island is located in Daet, Camarines Norte and it has the most beautiful beachfront I've seen! I stayed on this island for two days and it's such a great getaway from all that hustles and bustles from the city world. I always feel so at peace whenever I travel and I'm happy that I can shoot toys whenever I can.

Picturesque Calaguas sunset.

Someone can't wait to go for a swim.

"Hey, it's my first beach, I should be THIS excited!" :3

"The water looks cold" LOL

"I should really take a swim...."

"The sea is calling me..."

I like this shot, the sea foam looks like it's gonna take Kona-chan away! :D

Look! It's Saber-chan! Kona-chan has a travel buddy!
I have a spare Nendoroid Petit Konata so I used that for Saber's body.

Look at these two having a tan in the sand. They look so cute!

As much as I wish for summer not to end, well, it's already over here so I have to bear the daily rains brought by this season. Maybe I should just go and travel somewhere again to catch summer! ;) Thanks for viewing and see you again on my next post!

Love, Pinkcheeks ;)

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