Nendoroid Sayaka Miki School Uniform Ver. and Kyouko Sakura Casual Clothes Ver.

1:53 PM

I think some magical girls made my wish come true!

...take photos of Summer WonFes exclusive items that is! I wanted to share my happiness by showing this new set of photos. Today, the item on spotlight is Nendoroid Sayaka Miki: Uniform Version and Kyouko Sakura: Casual Version!

If you already have the Magical Girl version of Sayaka and Kyouko, this version is a truly great addition to your collection! They both look quite refreshing in their everyday look: Sayaka in her school uniform, and Kyouko in her casual clothes. (I kinda like how her belly button peeks up a bit ^_^)

The contents of the box.

Let's now jump into the photos!

Have you seen Nendoroids play HopScotch?

Okay, my turn!

Sayaka is a pocketful of sunshine!

I like how those apples are made! They look so shiny, I wanted to take a bite myself!

Kyouko found a cat! I wonder if she'll keep it!

Picnic together outdoors. I like how you can get to let them sit so close together.

One thing I like about this set is a new stand for them. It makes them sit in place without tilting or falling. 

Kyouko wants you to have her snack!

Off to school!

This item is one of the exclusive items for Summer WonFes 2014 and is now open for pre-order at the Good Smile Online Shop here:

I hope you liked my photos for Nendoroid Sayaka Miki: Uniform Version and Kyouko Sakura: Casual Version! Keep subscribing to my blog for updates and watch out for the next set of photos for another Summer WonFes 2014 exclusive item! ^.^

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  1. Thats a great yuri .... eh, set of close friends, and there are so many parts (。⌒∇⌒)。
    lovely pics