Mornings with Nendoroid Yukari

9:23 PM

I'm happy to see the sun again this morning so I went outside and took Yukari for a quick shoot. It's already rainy season here in our country and I'm already running out of ideas for a rainy day theme haha :D 

Yukari seems to enjoy the great weather! BTW, I used Mayoi's body here. It's kinda cool to swap Nendoroid parts. I'll try to come up with something different next time LOL.

Can you give me some of that candy?

Awww... Yukari found a bunny!

They both look so cute!

I just love taking random pictures outdoors! It gives my Nendoroids a different glow when exposed to ambient light! I hope it gets sunny soon! 

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  1. Yukari's head looks very good on a little schoolgirl body ;D
    I really love the first few pictures.

    good luck in the rainy season, maybe you can cover your models with some rain protection.

    1. Yeah, can you imagine raining for two straight weeks? That explains the grayish sky! Oh I miss the sun! T-T