First Look: Nendoroid Wo-Class

9:33 AM

Hi everyone! I'd like to share something special today! This is first of four specials that I'm going to share this week and I am so sure that you're all familiar with these already! Just a little story here, I just received this huge package in the mail this and you could imagine my joy when I opened it! 


I'm super duper happy!! I thank Mamitan and Good Smile Company again for sending me these babies for toy photography! I'm so excited, I immediately unboxed one right away!

First up is Nendoroid Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class. She's one of the antagonists from the popular browser game, Kantai Collection (KanColle) and she finally got a Nendoroid treatment as one of the exclusive figures sold at Summer WonFes 2014.

She got the biggest box in the bunch, quite a space taker if you ask me, coz it's an inch thicker than a regular Nendoroid box. I guess that's alright because Wo-class holds a bunch of stuff inside her giant box though.

Ta-Da~ The bulk of space inside is taken by her huge alien hat.

That hat may look heavy but it's actually very light and it's interesting to look at too! I also like the feature that it lights up in three colors, representing her levels/stages in the game.

Green for Standard Wo-Class

Red for Wo-Class Elite

Yellow for Wo-Class Flagship

Correct me if I'm wrong though, I haven't played the game yet and my friend just helped me with the classification of her colors. Glad I have friends who can help me with these things. XD Now for those who are curious, her hat does not come with extra batteries aside from the one that was already inside.

I was so curious of Wo-Class' hat's mechanism so I opened it and found this tiny board with wires and LED lights and underneath the board is the cell batteries.

 It's screwed in place and protected by a thick glue which I didn't bother checking further.

Another new I noticed in Wo-Class is her short stand compared to other Nendoroid stands. They made it short so you can put the cape easily over it. She comes with three cute alien planes that looks like giving me an evil grin when I take photos of them. *creepy* o.O These small thingies do not light up like her hat though. So now this is normal Wo-Class..

..and this is badass Wo-Class in combat mode! Woo-hoo!

She's ready to attack!

I was told that she came from the deepest part of the sea so I made an underwater theme for her. I had fun taking photos of her in one light for this set to create a dark eerie feel for the enemy vessel.

She's ready to take you down...deep, deep down in the abyss...

I hope you liked this first look of Nendoroid Wo-Class! I shall take more photos of her soon on a lighter note. I think I shall take her to the beach next month! That would be the best shoot for her! 

You'll also see these photos on the Good Smile Company page and on my hobby page as well. You may preorder Nendoroid Wo-Class at the GSC Online shop here

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  1. The color changing lights look amazing!

    I also love the effects you've added to the photos. I kind of want my own now.

    1. Thanks! The pretty lights is indeed a great feature for this Nendoroid! Go get yours now! :D

  2. These look like some powerful leds a really great feature included in her hat.
    The alien hat alone is funny, but on top of the Nendoroid it's quite adorable.

    1. I'm a bit careful not turning them on for a long time or else the batteries would run out lol. She's really cute, even without her hat! :D

  3. What battery does it use?