Paint Me A Sunset

6:06 AM

I live in a place where I can see both the sunset (just at the back of our home) and the sunrise (a few blocks away from our home) and today was just another sunset viewing day for me. I *love* the sunset more than anything else and I could stare at it till the sky mutes its colors. There's something about it that gives me that melancholic feeling and I always find myself at my peaceful state whenever I watch it.

So today I brought Mayoi for a quick sunset shoot with me. I was in a hurry going up the stairs to our rooftop when I realized I had the prime lens attached to my camera. Duh. It's never gonna work when you're shooting wide angles but like I always say, work with what you currently have. (translation: I'm too lazy to go down the stairs to get the other lens LOL)

Here's today's sunset.

It rained in the afternoon so that puddle was left on our rooftop. I like that it gave a little reflection. :) I wanted Mayoi to stand in the middle of the puddle, but it was so windy on top, I wouldn't want to risk having her falling off the roof.

This photo didn't give justice to the beauty of today's sunset, but I always anticipate for clouds like this when sunset comes because it gives a lot of colors.

When twilight came, the colored became really deep and this is one of many sunsets I've seen that makes the sky bleed with a reddish hue, one of my favorites actually ;)

I'm happy I was able to capture the sunset with Mayoi, I want a beach sunset with my toys but it's not gonna happen this coming summer (I blame my work for this T_T) but I'm so looking forward to travel again with them this coming June, so I guess I have to wait till that day comes! ^_^

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  1. Lovely photos! I love the the silhouette shots of Hachikuji, the pink colors in the sky are really pretty.

    1. Thank you! But I just had a few shots because I was a in hurry to catch those colors, they vanish so easily LOL

  2. Very nice, just make sure there isn't some wandering pedophile out to grope Hachikuji!!