Nendoroid Fangirls

9:57 PM

So, Yukari's concert was a blast! The crowd was cheering her name everywhere and everyone is having fun and were truly happy for a wonderful performance. Kirino couldn't get enough of the concert so she thought she should meet Yukarin in person! She got access backstage (don't ask me how :D) and decided to wait till Yukari makes an exit.

Kirino just can't help fangirling backstage, gushing at every song. Kyaaaaaa~

"I better text the girls to come over, the show is about to end!"

"Great, now we're complete!" Everyone was there to cheer for Yukari!

Mayoi made a banner just for Yukari!

Taiga: "I want an autograph!"
Kirino: "I want a selfie with Yukarin"
Sawako: "......"
Mayoi: "Wait, here she comes!"

YUKARI-chaaaaaaaaan!!! (*^▽^)/
The star of the show is here! Yukari greets her fans backstage!

Everyone thinks she's so cute and pretty! Taiga looks like she's checking out her hair!

Sawako is starstruck! 

Kirino finally gets a selfie with Yukari!

Everyone is having fun talking to Yukari, asking her how her show went but someone is sulking backstage... The Palmtop Tiger is mad! But why?

Taiga: "I...I didn't get an autograph..."

Oh that cute tsun-tsun face! (^・ω・^ ) 
Maybe she's just too shy to approach Yukari, but maybe next time Taiga! 

I posted a teaser last time about Kirino fangirling backstage at Yukari's concert. I also made a behind the stage post dedicated to Yukari's "fans". I thought it would be fun to share what's happening behind the scenes. :D The girls seemed so happy seeing their idol! \(≧∇≦)/

I hope you like today's post, until next time! If you have questions, or just want someone to talk to, message me at my Facebook page or email me at ilovepinkcheeks [at]

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  1. Thats simply amazing, the execution of the set is so well done (。´∀`)ノ
    I love how all the Nendoroid girls are looking lively and excited around the "idol"
    You captured the scenes in an very appealing way, great backstage and really good lighting.

    Haha Yukari is smaller than the other girls, so cute.
    I know that I want her Nendoroid ^^

    1. Glad you liked the set! Oh yeah, you noticed that too! For some reason her legs were really short and she looked like a child star mwahahaha! But still, go get her! She's so kawaii! ^_^

  2. Hah Taiga, you gotta be aggressive about these things if you want an autograph XD

    Meeting your favorite idols is an experience to be treasured! Great job on these pictures!