Hello there, Yukarin!

6:06 AM

I just announced on my Facebook page that I won Hubbyte Toy Store's Give Love on February and my awesome prize was Nendoroid 321: Tamura Yukari! I met the owner of the shop, VT last weekend to hand me my prize and as usual, I cannot wait to have a quick shoot right then and there!

Tamura Yukari is a singer and a voice actress, noteable for her high-pitched voice and the only characters I knew she voiced in was Yamada from B-Gata H Kei and Harime Nui from my current favorite show, Kill la Kill.
Ahhh so much cuteness! The packaging and Yukarin itself is so pink, girly and so me!

I super love her pearlescent outfit, it's such a standout!

A concert at the park!

She comes with two kitties which I like to call her "backup dancers" LOL

She's a limited edition Nendoroid and an exclusive one too so I'm super lucky to have her in my collection!

When I took her home, she began to warm up with Khaleesi and she likes being with her!

Snuggling to a sleeping kitty, how adorable was that? :3

She now sings a sweet lullaby for Khaleesi.

She woke up!

..it's okay, I'll just sing something so you could sleep again! :3

I haven't explored much of the box's contents yet because I was so taken in by her cuteness! I also bought a few things for her, coz I'm planning to create a stage for her :3 I was feeling artsy so I'm gonna be busy this week LOL.

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  1. That's a super cute Nendo! I'm dying here, not literally but awww 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

    I like Tamura Yukari, her voice actress work is very good and I also love her music, the lyrics can get a bit cheesy, but it totally gets me in a good mood. She also has songs where she has a deeper voice. Cool that she has an own Nendoroid, I've seen it before but missed to preorder her.

    It's great how she turned out.

    The closed eyed face is so adorable (=´∇`=)All your first pictures of her are lovely. Hehe in one picture it looks like she told the cat a joke, but the only one laughing is Yukarin herself XD

    have fun with her, I'll go on treasure hunt now (I need that Nendo)

    1. Glad you like it! I was actually listening to her songs while editing this set, they're pretty catchy and cute indeed! Go and get her, she'll make an adorable addition to your collection! ^_^

  2. Hah your cat is pretty tolerant of figures. My friend once bought a figure but his cats knocked it down and broke it. Sometimes they can be real jerks...

    1. Thanks for noticing! I saw this funny comment at the GSC Facebook page where it says this was photoshopped LOL! If only they knew how tolerant she is, Khaleesi doesn't give a damn at all, I can even place a figure on her head without knocking it over LOL. On contrary, my dog was the real jerk. I shoo him away when I'm doing a figure photoshoot. Just like last time, he just chewed Mayoi's stand! T^T